13 Little-Known, Yet Fiercely Raging Controversies

The Transfermium Wars are a real scientific debate, not a sci-fi literary saga.
13 Little-Known, Yet Fiercely Raging Controversies

Ah, the raging controversies of our time! From the great debates of the past to the little-known disputes of today, it seems as if there is always something to argue about. We here at Cracked have compiled a list of 13 of the most fiercely contested issues of our time, from the map shown in the new "Barbie" movie to the debate over whether college athletes should be considered employees of the school. We hope that this list will help to shed light on these issues and spark further discussion. So, without further ado, let the debates begin!

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Barbie's map stirs international controversy.

CRACKED WORLA MAP ASia Africa Augusta BARBIE'S SOUTH CHINA SEA MAP The new Barbie movie has caused a lot of debate because of a map shown in which it apparently represents China's claims of territory in the South China Sea.


Athletes: Employees or Not?

CRACKED AHS AHS AHSI AHS A HS AHS HS THE COLLEGE ATHLETE LABOR UNION CONTROVERSY For decades, people have been debating whether college athletes should be seen as employees of the school and be allowed to join labor unions. A 2020 ruling that said athletes on scholarships are effectively employees reignited the whole thing.

NY Times 

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