12 Eye-Popping Celebrity Crimes

Wait, Bill Gates was arrested how many times?!
12 Eye-Popping Celebrity Crimes

Come on guys, you’re making it way too easy for sleazy entertainment reporters everywhere! Cus hey, even if us regular Joe nobodies committed these crimes, they’d get some media attention. You already famous people are newsworthy for your brunch choices, so crimes like these are every media outlet's wet dream. Like, wet ink… Being printed in newspapers. Oh, you thought we meant… Ew, gross! 

Maybe celebrities really are like the rest of us. They’re not exempt from making godawful, life-ruining decisions here and there. It’s easy to put them on a pedestal, like they live in a realm far from the nitty gritty, but here we are. Hmm, it’s almost as if artistic abilities like acting and singing have absolutely nothing to do with good decision making. We all know of these crimes, and that regular people regularly commit them, but it’s just a little extra jarring when you hear of, say, Reese Witherspoon being arrested for one. Jarred enough, yet? If not, maybe these 12 eye-popping celebrity crimes will jar the trick.

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See dear, if you would have just studied, Mommy wouldn’t have been arrested.

CRACKED FELICITY HUFFMAN'S SAT FRAUD SCANDAL. She pleaded guilty to mail fraud, and admitted to paying $15,000 to a service that guaranteed to boost her daughter's SAT scores. She spent 14 days in prison, got 250 hours of community service, and paid a $30,000 fine.

BBC / LA Times 

She couldn’t just be happy with a successful acting career?!

CRACKED ALLISON МАСК RECRUITED GIRLS FOR HER CULT LEADER. The Smallville actor recruited women who would be severely mistreated by NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere. She faced sex trafficking charges but negotiated a plea deal for the lesser charge of racketeering. She served 2 years in prison, and Raniere got 120 years.

NY Times / Variety 

He was in his 20s at the time, so… Maybe just have your license on you, Bill.

CRACKED BILL GATES WAS ARRESTED TWICE. The Microsoft co-founder was arrested once in 1975 for driving without a license and speeding. Не was then arrested in 1977 for again driving without a license, and failing to stop at a stop sign.

News 18 / PC Gamer 

The Fast and the Drunkenly Furious

CRACKED MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ'S MULTIPLE DUIS. In 2007, she was sentenced to 6 months in jail for failing to complete her community service obligations, stemming from a string of 3 drunk driving offenses in 2004.


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