Celebrities being hounded by the media is a tale as old as… Well, it honestly can’t be that old, right? One sec. Okay, so Google tells us that the earliest known “paparazzi” pic is of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, taken by a guy only known as “Baader” in 1880. So, it seems like, as long as rich and famous people are out and about, someone will be there to “document” it. The question is, if they’re interesting enough to spark a tabloid industry with thousands (possibly millions — we’re not stopping to Google anything else) of careers devoted to the ongoings of their lives, then why would the tabloids need to fabricate stories, or even doctor images?

It’s icky to admit, but that industry has gotten so competitive that they’ll do anything for our attention. Even ickier is that we’d probably just believe it and move on with our day. Making stuff up is way easier than finding the lame old truth. Like, did you guys know that Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise made out last night?! See, typing that was so easy. They didn’t. We’re joking. And we’d love to not find ourselves on the business end of these 12 litigious celebrities who set the tabloids back a few million bucks. 

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