12 People Who Tasted Fame and Then Scurried Back To Obscurity

Hopefully they really savored that one nibble.
12 People Who Tasted Fame and Then Scurried Back To Obscurity

They did it! These actors, musicians, and athletes reached the top of their chosen climb, and got to take in that sweet, sweet view… For a minute or two. Then, for whatever reason, they tumbled back down the mountain. Sure the terms “one-hit wonder” and “flash in the pan” always come with that derogatory tone, but think of the countless other wannabes out there who’d kill for a moment in the sun. 

Because a good chunk of artists or athletes have been able to remain at that level, it would be easy for a fame-newcomer to think that they’ll always be there. Like, “Finally, we’ve arrived! And this place just feels like home.” 

It’s easy to think that everyone would “feel like home” at that level of fame and fortune, but as you’ll see, some people got a glimpse of their surroundings and weren’t all that impressed. A quaint, quiet life with the family sounds nice too. If this article happens to go stupid viral and launch us into the stardom stratosphere, we’ll letcha know how we feel about it. These 12 people sure did get there. They tasted fame and fortune, then scurried back into obscurity.

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If we won a chocolate factory, we’d retire too!

CRACKED CHARLIE BUCKET WAS PETER OSTRUM'S ONE AND ONLY ROLE. At 12-years-old, he was scouted for Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory at a children's theater in Cleveland. After the film, he turned down acting offers, got his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell, and has been a veterinarian ever since.

Yahoo / Syracuse 

Sir Mix-a-Lot doesn’t need to be in the spotlight.

CRACKED MIXALO SIR MIX-A-LOT HAS MADE OVER $100 MILLION FROM BABY GOT BACK. He's solely known for his #1 hit (that went double platinum and won a Grammy), and since he owns the publishing, he's licensed it to movies, shows, commercials, and other artists. Out of the public eye, royalties have earned him over $100 million since 1992.

Yahoo / NPR 

It’s actually pretty cool that he didn’t turn Napoleon Dynamite into the next Ernest P. Worrell.

CRACKED JON HEDER WAS A POP CULTURE ICON FOR A COUPLE YEARS. Napoleon Dynamite became a household name in 2004, and after leading roles in School for Scoundrels and Blades of Glory in 2006, he left Hollywood for the Pacific Northwest, where he feels a lot more comfortable.

Game Rant / Knox News 

Need a hot chick for a raunchy comedy between 1999 and 2001?!

CRACKED SHANNON ELIZABETH HAD SEVERAL HITS IN A FEW SHORT YEARS. From her breakout role in American Pie in 1999, she was clearly the it girl, filming Scary Movie, Tomcats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, American Pie 2, and Thir13een Ghosts in 2 years. After 2001, it's all one-off TV spots and В movies.


Ain’t no party like an S Club party! Even if the party ends early (and everyone gets robbed.)

CRACKED URIO I ORQUE a CU ! AN S CLUB 7 MEMBER WAS LEFT HOMELESS. From 1999 - 2001 they had 3 multi-platinum albums and starred in their own show. They were paid next to nothing and dropped in 2002. In 2023, Hannah Spearitt and her 2 daughters were left homeless, living in a friend's office space after being evicted.

The List / NY Post 

A flash in the pan did make it pretty “Hot in Herre.”

CRACKED 2005 WAS LIKE THE EDGE OF A CLIFF FOR NELLY. From 2000 to 2004, Nelly was a mainstay in hip hop and pop music. His first 3 albums went multi platinum, and all hit #1 on Billboard. Then, because of experimental songs and oversaturation, his next 3 albums didn't even go gold, and he completely fell off.

Youtube / XXL Mag 

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