11 Weirdly Innocent Codenames For High-Stakes (Or Simply Evil) Things

The British nuclear bomb program was called "Tube Alloys."
11 Weirdly Innocent Codenames For High-Stakes (Or Simply Evil) Things

Ah, the power of words! They can be used to evoke emotions, to inspire, and to deceive. We often think of words as being innocuous, but they can also be used to mask evil intentions.

In this list, we explore 11 of the most innocent-sounding code names for some of the most wicked and nefarious plans ever devised by mankind. From the atomic bomb, to Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, to Operation Yellow Bird, to the Cuban Missile Crisis, to the W76 warhead, to Ukraine's fight against Russian aggression, to the D-Day landings, to the first tanks, these codenames are a reminder of the power of words and the lengths people will go to hide the true nature of their plans.

It is no surprise that these stories have been handed down through the generations, as they are a testament to the creativity and courage of the people involved. Whether it is Operation London Bridge, which is the protocol for the death of Queen Elizabeth II, or Operation Yellow Bird, which helped hundreds of people escape oppression, these stories show us the power of the human spirit.

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"The Gadget" it is, then.

CRACKED THE A-BOMB: THE GADGET J. Robert Oppenheimer came up with the name The Gadget for the world's first atomic bomb, instead of calling it a bomb, for security reasons.


Operation London Bridge: Ready for the Queen's departure.

CRACKED QUEEN ELIZABETH Il'S DEATH: OPERATION LONDON BRIDGE When Queen Elizabeth II died, there was a plan in place. This included: who would take over the throne, how the public would be able to pay their respects, and the details of the funeral. It's all part of a protocol called Operation London Bridge.


Heroic mission to freedom: Operation Yellow Bird.

CRACKED HELPING CHINESE DISSIDENTS ESCAPE: OPERATIONYELLOWBIRD In 1989, a daring mission was carried out to help hundreds of people escape from China and find freedom in Hong Kong after the Tiananmen Square incident.


Mysterious fogbank: dangerous, secretive, and complicated.

CRACKED NUCLEAR WARHEAD MATERIAL: FOGBANK Fogbank is a mysterious material used in nuclear warheads that is so secret, almost nobody knows what it's made of or what it does. It's thought to be an aerogel, which is a type of gel where the liquid is replaced by a gas.

The Drive 

"Water tanks" in the desert? Sure.

CRACKED TANKS: TANKS The first tanks were created by the British and were nicknamed water tanks or just tanks by the people who made them. They were told, as an elaborate ruse, that the machines were designed to carry water in the deserts of Mesopotamia.

The World 

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