12 Gruesome Scenes from Fairy Tales That Disney Wisely Decided to Gloss Over

12 Gruesome Scenes from Fairy Tales That Disney Wisely Decided to Gloss Over

Ah, the Grimm brothers. Grimm by name and even grimmer by reputation. When they first started gathering dark, bloodsoaked folktales and publishing them in the early 1800s, we’re pretty sure they didn’t expect them to comprise a multi-billion dollar empire. Especially since little Walt Disney (also of German descent) and the act of filmmaking itself wouldn’t be born for another century. Although those early Disney flicks have a darker, “old world” tone, Walt went the much safer route by excluding a ton of that grim Grimm Bros. content.

And it wasn’t just the Grimms. A ton of other well-known Disney classics are from other old school fairy tales that, for some reason, are sinister as all hell. What’s with the fairytales of yesteryear? Did no one think that children were into pleasant little stories about singing forest animals that happen to end with a princess kissing a prince? Nope! We guess one princess just had to be seven years old, huh? Disney left that part out, but maybe Woody Allen would have left that in. Snap! Here’s that and 11 other gruesome fairy tale scenes that Disney wisely decided to gloss over. 

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Sounds more Shakespearean than Disneyan (that can’t be a term, right?)

GRACKED THE O.G. HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME ENDS IN COMPLETE TRAGEDY. In the end, Esmeralda is hanged, and when Quasimodo visits her grave, he refuses to leave, so he starves to death.

The Sun / The List 

Okay, so that one dies. Then the other one dies. Then that old one dies too!

GRACKED THE FOX AND THE HOUND COULD'VE GONE THE OLD YELLER ROUTE. In Daniel Mannix's story, the fox taunts the hunting dogs, and one of them gets hit by a train while chasing him. The fox then dies from exhaustion, and another dog gets so old that he needs to be put down.

Eonline / D23 

There’s way too much family drama in this tale.

GRACKED BELLE HAD WORSE SISTERS THAN CINDERELLA IN BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. In the original, the Beast lets Belle visit her family if she returns in a week. Her sisters try to make her stay, hoping that the Beast would eat her alive when she returns. Oh, and Beauty and the Beast turn out to be cousins.

Yahoo / Into Film 

The ins and outs of Little Red Riding Hood.

GRACKED LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD HAD A LOT MORE DISEMBOWELMENT. Disney's 1922 short did not include the wolf eating the grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood. It also didn't end with a hunter cutting open the wolf's stomach to let them out, then filling his stomach with stones.

Mordent / Jimdo 

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