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7 WTF Ways Seemingly Innocent Companies Screw Their Workers

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6 Hilarious (But Accurate) Statistics About Pop Culture

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6 Awesome Lessons Teaching Troubled Teens Teaches You

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6 New (Simple) Rules That Will Make Facebook Not Suck

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6 WTF Reasons Websites Go From Being Awesome To Terrible

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Suicide Headaches: 5 Realities Of The Worst Thing Ever

According to Brown University, cluster headaches feel like having a tiny demon poke you in the eye.


5 Campaign Store Items (And What They Say About Candidates)

Rand Paul, a walking monument to irrelevance, believes his name is worthy of being scribbled across the cover of the U.S. Constitution.


5 Mind-Blowing Loopholes You Had No Idea Existed

Loopholes are like buttholes -- everyone is pretty well aware that they exist, and some people don't use them often enough (and some people use them a little bit too excessively).


We Are Sex Addicts: 6 Distinctly Un-Sexy Realities

Sex addiction is a lot less fun than you're probably thinking.