Tell Us Now: Your Pettiest Act Of Teenage Rebellion

Tell Us Now: Your Pettiest Act Of Teenage Rebellion

We all went through a rebellion phase during our youth. Some people were better at it than others. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What was your pettiest act of teen rebellion?” And we were pleasantly surprised by your trivial mutinies against “The Man.”

TELL US NOW. GETTING INTO JHONEN VASQUEZ Alex H. tells US, I thought I was SO edgy and unique when I got the trade paperback of Johnny the Homicidal

TELL US NOW. SNEAK OUT FOR SNACKS ELEVEN Connor G. explains, I was never popular enough to be invited to parties, but I was really good at sneaking o

TELL US NOW. WE DON'T NEED NO EDUCATION I was in charge of the music that would play before the morning announcements in high school. I thought ever

TELL US NOW. ALGAE MOUTH us Hannah A. says, I had braces and every month when they tightened and replaced the bands you could choose what color the n

TELL US NOW. TRIPPED A CELEBRITY Lydia P. explains, I tripped Billy Ray Cyrus when he performed at my high school. Knocked my backpack off the bleach

TELL US NOW. SHAVING YOUR HEAD Marc G. explains that their dad was particular about their hair, So my act of rebellion was to shave my head, and have

TELL US NOW. UNHOOKING THE PHONE Amanda R. says, My sister would always come home from school and spend HOURS on the phone with her boyfriend. I got

TELL US NOW. MISMATCHING SOCKS Kate E. recollects,  was really mad at being told to do laundry that I intentionally mismatched all my parents socks.

TELL US NOW. WEARING STATEMENT CLOTHING Miko S. tells US,  wore really odd ensembles to school every Friday, as if that would really get people to th

TELL US NOW. WATCHING SOAP OPERAS Evelyn K. says, My dad forbid US from watching soap operas, so I watched Days of our Lives every single day in the

TELL US NOW. ADJUSTING THE CAR SEAT Matt S. was his dad's height, but when he borrowed his car I would adjust the seat settings on the driver's seat

TELL US NOW. PRANKING THE TEACHER F106 F110 F12 E 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 0 A B C D E F G H BDS A K L M N P R S T U V W X Y Z William F. switched out an unpleas

TELL US NOW. GOING STRAIGHT EDGE EJ V. says, Growing up we would drink half sodal half lager or diluted wine. Alcohol was never a taboo. As a teen in

TELL US NOW. FISHY REVENGE Jessica B. tells US one time an ex friend wronged another so when he was out of town for a few days we left cooked seafood

TELL US NOW. DO, BUT NOT TURN IN, HOMEWORK Dave N. muses, I would actually do all of my homework, but then make a point of not turning it in. I guess

TELL US NOW. SENIOR CUT DAY Sllp Detention Asslgned Teacher Date Name Student Issued for Detention: Reason Debbie M. tells Us, My only act of rebelli

TELL US NOW. MAKING PAPER AIRPLANES Hannah M. says, There was a tear in the window screen of my western civ classroom and every day I'd fold a little
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