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If We Used Animals Like 'The Flintstones'

What a world would look like if we still used animals the way they did in Bedrock.


Five Reasons The Rapture Did Not Occur

From Biblical-ish sources


Why The Reaction to Bin Laden's Death Proves We're Screwed

Celebrities break the news now, and the internet is doing the fact checking.


The 6 Creepiest Gifts Ever Given

There are people who give bad gifts, and then people who gives gifts that will leave you with nightmares for life.


The 7 Most Ridiculous Cases of Misplaced Priorities

We've all had moments when our priorities weren't quite in line, like the time you punched a kid for mispronouncing


If Famous Products Advertised Their Unauthorized Uses

When a new product is brought home from the store, a scientific process begins. Depending on the age of the children in said household, if the product can be used to start fires, smoke pot or replace a missing tool, that potential will be discovered. What if the companies that made them acknowledged these alternate uses.


The 5 Craziest Buildings Ever Proposed With a Straight Face

Sometimes, the line between a brilliant idea and a psychotically suicidal one is so fine that it practically doesn't exist. Other times, the line is so wide it would take a transcontinental railroad and an entire week to cross it. Had they actually been built, these buildings could have probably gone either way.


17 Board Games Too Awesome To Exist

Whether it's because of family traditions, the fact that hipsters haven't figured out how to play video games ironically yet or our enduring hatred of trees, board games are still hanging around. We asked you to show us some games that might keep them around a little longer.


19 Bad Ideas for History Based Video Games

When we were kids, video games taught us about an obscure historical period, and how badly traveling to Oregon sucked back then. Since then, game makers have mostly focused on how much fun it is to kill Nazis.What if they expanded their horizons?


The 5 Craziest Ways Public Schools Are Trying to Make Money

When our children's futures are at stake, is there anything we shouldn't do to save them? Well, maybe a few things, actually.