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23 Classic Movies As Understood by a Five-Year-Old

Many of us spend the early part of our lives trying to act like we understand stuff we're too young, dumb and lame to actually get. Usually this will result in an embarrassing lie, or a mad cap adventure in a grown up body fueled by a carnival genie that's never heard of a synonym before. We asked you to show us what it would look like if instead,


The 6 Most Wildly Irresponsible Publicity Stunts in History

Amazing how easy it is for publicity "stunts" to get people hurt.


5 Crazy Street Performers (Who Happened to be Geniuses)

The guys on this list aren't your run-of-the-mill bums who've decided to take up an instrument to help with their panhandling. These are the guys with acts superior to what you're likely to see on a stage.


20 Video Game Characters Before They Were Famous

Nobody starts out as a ninja or a globe-trotting adventurer. You have to work your way up to it.


The 7 Types of Friend Everyone Needs

Like a superhero team or a group of guys you're getting together for a heist, you need friends that have various skills that will benefit you the best.


The 16 Most Baffling Pieces of Official Merchandise Ever

We get that kids will go nuts for toys, or adults will throw wads of cash to add to their collections. But the stuff on this list isn't for either of those groups. Or anyone else, apparently.


5 Soldiers Whose Horrific Injuries Only Made Them Angry

It should come as no surprise that battlefields see their share of brave men. Every once in a while, however, they see a man with a special kind of bravery, the kind that borders on suicidal. The spirits of such men can't be cut down, even if their bodies are. In fact, disabling them often just makes them all the more fearsome


6 Old People Who Could Kick Your Ass

Most of us who still have intact and mostly alive grandparents generally wouldn't be intimidated by them in a physical sense. Then again, most of us haven't really put that to the test (nor should we). When pushed, you might be surprised what our senior citizens have in reserve.


To My Unborn Son: Stuff I Won't Have the Balls to Say

Five Reasons Bastards Always Win


If Theme Parks Just Didn't Give a F#@k

What amusement parks might look light if they decided they couldn't be bothered to worry about safety, or any of the other things sane people pay attention to.