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5 Iconic Corporate Mascots Invented by Mistake

People who can't be bothered to care about insurance can be made to pay attention, for some reason, when there is a British lizard talking at them. That's why corporations all over have made cartoony animals and interesting humans the face of their company, fusing them with their logos like some kind of horrifying cyborg.


19 Warning Signs for Common Awkward Moments

If you see these signs, and know what they're talking about, it's already too late.


The 14 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Statues in the World

A person can paint something with no guarantee it'll be around in a few years. But when a sculptor creates a horrifying monument to his own insanity, that shit gets erected in city park or town square somewhere.


6 Wacky Misunderstandings at the Scene of Grisly Crimes

Law enforcement has to be a grueling, stressful and hugely underappreciated job. But you have to admit, those guys wind up with the best stories to tell at parties.


The Fastest Way to Get Fired

Every job has at least one unforgivable sin that will get an employee booted on the spot. These are the world's most fire-able offenses.


11 Things The CIA Is Keeping From Us

Most of us assume the government is basically like that warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, full of all the cool stuff they can't let us know about. We asked you to show us what we're missing out on.


5 Awesomely Sarcastic Supreme Court Decisions

The Supreme Court, like any other court in the land, hears more than one case per day. This means that it does happen, however rarely, that the justices are forced to preside over bullshit. And since the justices are human beings just like us, they can't help but call it out when they see it.


The Dangerous Side Effects of Watching Too Much MacGyver

How to turn an irresponsible bender into a piece of content on Cracked.


If Classic Movies All Got Video Game Adaptations

There's a big chunk of movie history that missed video games, and some fairly recent great movies nobody's bothered adapting yet. We asked you to show us what some of the greatest movies of all time might look like if the gaming industry got a crack at them.


5 'Unspoiled' Locations That Are Actually Pretty Spoiled

It's comforting to know that there are some places on earth modern man still hasn't cheapened and ruined yet. Well, that's what you think until you get there, and see how long the line is to get in.


The 6 Most Impressive Resume Liars

Sit back and take a lesson from the all-time-great resume bullshitters.


A Guide to Giving Blood and Winning Back the Woman You Love

We are all, at one point or another, forced to acknowledge when we are weak. It is a humbling moment filled with fear, shame and unattractive facial expressions. What's worse, weaknesses, like snowflakes, are all different so we are each forced to weather our respective storms alone. For instance, some people may find their limitations while huddle


The 5 Most Incredible Stories of Pimped Out Wheelchairs

Stories of people taking matters into their own hands which, in this case, means turning their disabilities into an excuse to make the craziest, most tricked out and insanely badass mobility vehicles around.