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The 5 Biggest Disasters in the History of Marketing Ideas

Sometimes companies screw up so badly that you wonder if they, like us, are just making it all up as they go along. How else do you explain these things?


The 8 Most Baffling Food Mascots of All-Time

If you're ever diagnosed with crippling insanity, you can always get a job designing corporate mascots.


The 5 Most Depraved Sex Scenes from Important Cultural Myths

If you've spent time studying history at all, you probably already know that depraved sex acts are to religion as rock star groupies from the '70s are to depraved sex acts. In other words, they go hand in hand. Or hand in some other body part, depending on who we're talking about.


4 More Things You Love to Discuss that No One Cares About

Oh my god, you guys I totally saw a ghost!


6 Hilarious Ways Al-Qaeda Is Going Corporate

The capture of Osama bin Laden revealed more than just the unmitigated badassery of Navy Seals. It also exposed how little we knew about the jihad lifestyle. Apparently, his little club had gone corporate


The 6 Most Epic One Man Armies in the History of War

Here's a handful of men who absolutely refused to go gently, instead opting to erupt violence like a hate volcano onto everything around them.


7 Female Behaviors That Baffle Men (Explained!)

Why do women go to the bathroom in groups? The answer may surprise you, but it probably shoudln't.


6 Progressive Parenting Fads You Won't Believe Are Legal

Contained within are six ways well-meaning people can nearly kill their children, without even the benefit of a little bump of meth.


6 Silly Sounding Jobs That Are Way Harder Than You Think

Keep in mind before you apply, though: Some of these frivolous-sounding jobs are harder, more dangerous and deadlier than anything you've ever done in your life.


5 Amazing Abandoned Wastelands ... Within Walking Distance

Some of the craziest abandoned places in the world are here in the cities we live in, in some cases literally right beneath your feet at this very moment.


9 Types of Job that Will Destroy Your Soul

Most jobs are boring. But there are a special few that are so boring they'll plunge your mind into the depths of insanity.


6 Real Afflictions That Have Somehow Become Trendy

There was a time in history where most people didn't want to have diseases. It was considered cool to be healthy, and


6 Insane Holidays You'll Wish You Celebrated

In America, a holiday amounts to little more than a day off from work and a few quiet beers. It turns out that we're really dropping the ball when it comes to finding excuses to party like there's no tomorrow.