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8 Words the Internet Loves to Confuse With Other Words

Since everyone knows online humor columns by obscure writers are extremely effective in changing society, We're sure misuse of these words will no longer a problem.


The 7 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Propaganda Campaigns

We sort of expect propaganda to be a little stupid to begin with, but there are some examples that go beyond all our expectations and into the land of the hilarious.


12 Great Parenting Products for Traumatizing Your Baby

We get it. Parenting is hard. We also get that it's human nature to invent useless products for people who don't know any better than to just throw gadgets at every problem ... which is why we wound up with these.


A Bad Day at the Sandwich Shop [COMIC]

An amazing tale of paitence.


6 People Who Single Handedly Screwed Entire Economies

Yet throughout history there have been times when everything came together just right for one single person to screw it all up.


6 Great Products For Making Your Pet Hate You

When our pets one day inevitably rise up, they'll probably be pretty pissed about a whole bunch of things. This is just a sample of why we'll be dying slow deaths.


The iPhone of Doom

Comedy beaten to a pulp


8 Tiny Things That Stopped Suicides

There are stories every day about some rescuer heroically stopping a suicide attempt - breaking down a door, scooping someone off a ledge, or cutting a noose down with a ninja star. But sometimes there's no strapping fireman or hero cop or friendly ninja, just one little silly thing between life and death.


21 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photosphopped (Part 8)

This is the latest edition of our most popular feature, in which we demonstrate that the truth is stranger than Photoshop. Here are more photos that will make every poster in the comment section scream 'FAKE!' but are absolutely real.


The 6 Craziest Villains Ever Defeated by Snack Cakes

In 1977, Hostess started an ad campaign that featured superheroes fighting crime with fruit pies, Twinkies, and cup cakes. As you might imagine, they were insane. Mega-powered beings were facing off against criminals whose plans fell apart every time someone tossed them a snack. Writers had to invent spectacularly ridiculous villains for this to wo


The 5 Most Embarrassing Things Angry Mobs Have Rioted Over

Humans don't need much of an excuse to start rioting. In fact we really don't need any excuse at all.


6 Images of Kids Too Insane to Be Real (That Totally Are)

Here at Cracked, we love badasses. Either because we recognize a kindred spirit when we see one, or possibly because we adore the things that we can never be. Judging by all the crying and non-karate in here, it's almost certainly the latter. But as we quietly sob witty retorts we didn't have the balls to say at the time into our moist, shameful pi