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7 Modern Ghost Towns That Look Like Sci-Fi Movies

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5 Life Lessons from a Former Mean Girl

Unless I use my shameful past for good, the guilt of being a bully will haunt me forever. So I'm turning my shame into wisdom for all of you.


6 Famous Geniuses You Won't Believe Were Perverts

None of what you're about to read necessarily detracts from any of the great things they accomplished -- we're not saying that. We're just saying that behind closed doors, they liked to get freaky.


The 5 Most Misguided April Fools' Pranks of All Time

April Fools' Day is great in concept. The problem is that a very large portion of the population has no idea what a prank actually is, or how they work.


Like to Write? Like Money? Write for Cracked!

Seriously -- we're getting tired of playing in our swimming pools full of $100 bills..


5 Iconic Characters Who Got Insane Reboots in Foreign Comics

When it comes to translating some characters into foreign comics, it seems like pretty much anything goes.


4 Hilarious Self-Help Books for Crazy Old People

Some of the stupidest books I own are for a group everyone eventually joins -- the elderly.


5 Revenge Products: A Buyer's Guide for Psychopaths

Are you sick of product reviews that don't cover the issues that matter to you? Well hold on to your butts.


4 Words We Love to Use That Have Lost All Meaning

I'd like to request that we drag these words out this one last time, fill up the tub and hold them underwater until they stop moving. Or just quit using them, either one is fine, really.


5 Mind-Blowing Facts Nobody Told You About Guns

It turns out the mainstream media leaves out all of the most interesting parts. Trust us, the longer you look into this, the weirder it gets.


5 Real Prison Escapes That Shouldn't Have Been Possible

We admit it: We friggin' love prison escape stories.