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Greatest Twitter Hack In History Amounts To A Dumb Bitcoin Scam

These hackers got an A+ on the execution, but a real F- on the idea.


Tablets That Only Make Zoom Calls Are Dumb, Right?

Are we going to have to start worshipping Zoom now like we do Google and Apple?


How Companies Spy On Employees And Customers Who Criticize Them

EBay sending its enemies random crap in the mail is the tip of the iceberg.


U.S. May Ban TikTok For Spying On You; Just Like Every Other App Does

But where will I, an adult, go to get the approval of teens that I desperately need to live?


Parler, 'The Free-Speech App,' Found Out Just How Awful Social Media Is

It turns out that if you let people say whatever they want, they’ll mostly expel dongs and poop.


Congrats, YouTube; You’ve Invented Cable TV

With YouTube raising the price of Youtube TV, they've rendered their service useless.


4 Underreported Ways Amazon Makes The World Worse

Tone it down, Jeff.


Photo AI Just Assumes Everyone Is White

The familiar face of digital racism.


Countries Trying Hard To Become Sci-Fi Dystopias

Reality is just cyberpunk, but wack.


Tired Of FaceTime? Good News, Rotary Cell Phones Are Here

Finally, an excuse to not comb your hair.


Mark Zuckerberg Continues To Suck

Zuck might snap his spin in half bending over backwards to not piss off Republicans.


Whaa? Responses To New Technology

When a new technology appears, we all immediately act like idiots.


Dating Sites Have Fake Babes: 5 Ways Tech Companies Rip Us Off

If dating site babes are fake, is nothing sacred?


Trump Tries To Battle Social Media Censorship By Censoring Social Media

Trump didn't get his way, so he's looking to upend the internet as we know it.