13 Times The Police Used Google Maps To Crack The Case

13 Times The Police Used Google Maps To Crack The Case

It is often said that the police are the last line of defense against crime, but what if they had an even bigger and more powerful ally? A tool that could help them solve cases faster and more efficiently? 

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No, not Batman, or the Justice League, or the Avengers. We're talking about Google Maps. This remarkable technology has revolutionized the way police investigate and crack cases, allowing them to get to the bottom of even the most complex cases. From finding missing persons to apprehending suspects, Google Maps has been a game changer for law enforcement. In this list, we take a look at 13 times the police used Google Maps to crack the case. From geofence warrants to using satellite images, these stories show just how powerful Google Maps can be in helping police solve crimes. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be amazed by these incredible stories of justice served.

Man hoards 500 stolen bikes.

CRACKED CATCHING A GUY WHO STOLE 500 BICYCLES In March 2022, a 54-year-old man in Oxford was taken into custody after Google Earth showed a huge pile of 500 stolen bicycles in his backyard.

News 18 

Google Maps: Not just for directions.

CRACKED I The Two Para can ROY Explore nearbs ARRESTING SERIAL BURGLARS IN INDIA In October 2020, Indian police caught two burglars from Maharashtra who used Google Maps to find homes to rob. They would find houses in the outskirts of the city and visit the area and observe a few homes, the cops said.

Indian Express 

Suspect exonerated... by Google.

CRACKED MIRAGE OBECANE FAILING TO CATCH AN OLD LADY'S BURGLAR In 2019, to find out who had burglarized an elderly woman's home, Florida police used a warrant that let them track any device using Google services nearby. One suspect was cleared when his lawyer showed he had been biking past the house for months.


Robbers caught on Google Street View.

CRACKED Address is approximate N + - DUTCH POLICE CATCHING ROBBERS The police in the Netherlands apprehended two men after a 14-year-old boy, who had been robbed half a year ago, noticed their clear images on Google Street View. Score another point for technology.


Suspect caught with Google Maps.

CRACKED + CATCHING A DOUBLE MURDERER In 2010, Wisconsin cops used Google Maps to spot a green Kia minivan that had been seen near the place where a double murder happened - - this helped them to catch the suspect. Turns out, the guy wasn't smart enough to ditch the van.


White top, not-so-white lies.

CRACKED savers savers phormacyEXPIR HEALTH HOME BEAUTY to de SOS ers so.ers 00 FOOD SMALT ec. ers CATCHING A SHOPLIFTER In 2016, a woman running out of a store in the UK was spotted by a guy on Google Street View. She was wearing the same clothes as when she was arrested for theft, which ended up being key evidence. Lesson: don't steal with a Google van around.


Police turn to Google Maps for crime-solving.

CRACKED SOLVING A SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE In 2017, the Milwaukee Police used a Google Maps request to help solve a kidnapping and sexual assault case. This request allowed Google to search for devices near the crime scene, which led to the arrest of two suspects.


Google Maps saves the day.

CRACKED Moon Bay cir SOLVING A 22-YEAR-OLD COLD CASE In 2019, police in Florida were able to find the body of William Moldt who had disappeared 22 years earlier. This was only possible because a person who used to live in the area noticed a car submerged in a pond on Google Maps.


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