We are living in a world that is rapidly changing, and the legal system is no exception. As technology advances, it is becoming increasingly common for the legal system to use new tools and techniques to help make decisions. From emojis to digital wills to artificial intelligence, the legal system is adapting to the digital age.

This list looks at some of the ways the legal system is changing and how it is keeping up with the times. It also looks at some of the debates that have been sparked by these changes, and how the legal system is responding. So, if you’re curious about how the legal system is adapting to the digital age, and/or if you’re dreading how the possibility of dystopian tech could encroach on what little capacity for justice is left in our legal system, this list is for you! Try to not let it get you down too much.

Urban Dictionary: Now in court.

CRACKED AW ADAPTING TO NEW TECH RELYING ON URBAN DICTIONARY In recent years, Urban Dictionary has been used in a lot of court cases to explain slang words and phrases that regular dictionaries don't have. This is, of course, because traditional dictionaries don't usually keep up with the way people talk. UR ban DICTIONARY

Urban Dictionary

The New York Times

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