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The Time Black Sabbath Couldn't Find Ozzy Osbourne

Doing drugs isn’t a game, kids. Unless you’re into metal, then it definitely is.


5 Reasons All Modern Pop Music Sounds The Same

It's not an accident Ed Sheeran's gremlin warble follows you around every business on Earth.


Elton John Started Dressing Like That on a Dare

He was rocking that Angela Chase look way back in the ‘70s, so you can’t say he wasn’t always ahead of his time.


'Aly & Aj' Release Expletive-Filled Version of Disney Channel Jam, 'Potential Breakup Song'

Aly & Aj are back -- and not afraid of dropping an f-bomb or 2


There's A 'Pete Best' Of The Spice Girls (And It Got Catty)

She made Posh Spice swear.


Early 2000s Prom Staple, Eve 6, Gloriously Roasts 90s Rock Goons on Twitter

To paraphrase their own Twitter account, their irrelevance has made them relevant again.


The Worst Story Ever Told, In 4 Chapters

This true story involves Chicago, a bridge, an innocent boat tour, the Dave Matthews Band, and 800 pounds of human waste.


The Article That Mainstreamed (And Whitened) Disco Was Made Up

Marginalized groups just never get to have fun.


Perfect Fluids Are Kind of A Banger, MIT's SoundCloud Shows

SoundCloud -- not just for Trump supporting, face-tattooed teen rappers.


5 Beloved Songs (That Are Secretly Horror Shows)

Huh. Did we really never listen to these all the way through before?


Korea Bends Famously Strict Military Service Law For K-Pop Stars

The BTS Army may stay metaphorical for a bit longer.


Kesha's Podcast About Ghosts Is ... Something Else

Kesha and the Creepies naturally features conversations with her famous friends about various paranormal activities and also Kesha being so fantastically Kesha.


SoundCloud Rap is Now Having A MAGA Moment

President Trump, meet Lil Pump.