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4 Steps to Being the Very Worst in a World of Shitty DJs

Step #1: Suck. Step #2: Forget you suck. Step #3: Remember you suck in front of 100 people.


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Judging by how often their spectacularly bad ideas make the wrong kind of headlines, it clear musicians need to get better PR teams.


5 Unknown People Who Secretly Made All Your Favorite Music

What sucks about the entertainment industry is that usually a very small group of very pretty people get all of the credit for work done by an army of talented folks behind the scenes.


5 Artists Who Faced Death With a Song

When death stares you in the face, then stare right back and ROCK.


5 Great Songs by Otherwise Awful Musicians

Even a tone deaf squirrel finds a note once in awhile.


4 Music Moments Ripped Off From Ridiculous Sources

Robin Thicke can relax knowing that the person he ripped off was much cooler than all the other people who have been ripped off.


5 Failed Attempts At Keeping Up With Modern Pop Music

I'm going to venture out into the wilds of the Internet and track down what's being released today, if for no other reason than to get a status report on a part of pop culture I've abandoned.


6 Half-Assed Accidents Behind the Most Famous Songs Ever

Some of the most iconic musical moments of all time have just been farted out on accident.


The 5 Stupidest Songs That Seemingly Predicted 9-11

As if 'But it hadn't happened yet!' was a valid excuse for being grossly insensitive.


3 Bands Who Completely Disowned Their Former Members

The band may not straight-up pretend that the amputated musician never existed, but the hows and whys of that person's sudden departure are rarely discussed.