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John C. Reilly Deserved An Emmy For Steve Brule

He feels like a product of a real person's history, so disturbed and consumed by certain things that he reeks of a full, sad life lived.


Uh, Why Is Yugi So Bad At Playing 'Yu-Gi-Oh!'?

He might have the heart of the cards, but he has the strategy of a 5th grader.


The Crazypants Hollywood Murder Scheme (Involving, Oh, Absolutely Everybody)

This story involves poisoned cocktails, combat scuba training, American flag diapers, a gold-tipped sword cane, and an invasion of Haiti by CBS News.


5 Superhero Stories That Should've Gotten A Movie By Now

Instead of doing Dark Phoenix for the 34th time, how about one of these comics?


Vanilla Ice Shouldn't Want Dave Franco Anywhere Near His Biopic

Dave Franco plans to make this like the 'Disaster Artist' and that's bad news for Ice


The Good, The Bad, And The Bogus Of The New 'Bill & Ted' Trailer

See it in theatres … or in your less terrifying living room


'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Creators Troll Shippers With Video Using Fan-Made Art

Here's what happens when fan-fiction comes to life.


Beloved TV Shows With WTF Sexist Backstage Drama

Every television show has backstage drama, but these shows take that to the extreme.


Advertisers Give More Notes On 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches Than Producers

SNL acts real tough when taking shots at the Donald, but not so much with the Ronald McDonald.


Peacock And HBO Max Are Already Proving Their Worthlessness

Maybe it is time to invest in DVDs.


'Grease' Prequel To Finally Tie-Up All Those Lingering 'Grease' Mysteries

Was Grease Lightning was powered by midi-chlorians?


'Tenet' Proves We Have To Push Blockbusters Back Until 2021

Just give them 2020. We'll get 'em next year.


'Dragon Ball GT' Should Have Been The Best 'Dragon Ball;' What Happened?

There's a universe where 'GT' is just as super as 'Super.'


Writer Warren Ellis Is A Creep, But His Victims Don't Want To Cancel Him

A comic book legend was outed as a sex pest, because 2020.