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5 Horrific Ways Your Brain Can Turn On You Without Warning

Even if you're perfectly healthy and have never had a mental illness or dropped acid, your brain can mess with you in a terrifying variety of ways.


6 Movie Plots Made Possible by Bafflingly Bad Decisions

Take a giant gorilla to New York City and put him on display? What could possibly go wrong?


8 Racist Ads You Won t Believe Are From the Last Few Years

Brought to you by Doritos' New 'We Hate Black People' Cheddar!


6 Characters Who Show Up in Every Zombie Movie

If we've learned anything, it's that humans are only capable of six psychological reactions to a scourge of the undead. And here they are.


The 5 Most Unintentionally Racist Movies About Racism

If it wasn't for Hollywood making a bunch of well-meaning but ham-handed and accidentally racist films, why, the rest of us would have never learned our lessons! Hail our conquering heroes, the real champions of equality in America.


5 Awful Storylines We Don't Want in the Star Wars Sequels

Believe it or not, there are actually Star Wars stories so terrible they do more damage to the source material than Jar Jar Binks could have ever hoped to.


6 Movie Heroes (Who Sucked At Their Jobs)

Here are six movie heroes who did their jobs so damn poorly that, in retrospect, they'd barely make good sidekicks.


7 Horrifying Moments from Classic Kids Movies

In some ways, children are harder to scare than adults. If you don't believe us, go back and watch some of the movies you loved as a little kid. You'll be surprised to find that, at random spots, they've inserted scenes that are bizarre, hallucinogenic and/or just plain sphincter-bustingly scary


5 Reasons It Sucks Being a Joss Whedon Fan

He is a ginger titan, a colossus bestriding the tube of boob. Joss Whedon knows how to make great television. If only he did it more consistently, and without all the accompanying bullshit ...


5 Superheroes Rendered Ridiculous by Gritty Reboots

We understand comic book characters get stale after a while. And we understand reboots are unavoidable. Sometimes they are awesome. Other times... not so much.


6 Magical Movie Items They Wasted on Bullshit

What would you do if you found a magical object that could create anything you asked for, instantly? Or a clock that could stop time? This is the type of thing that comes up in movies all the time. And for the most part, what the characters choose to do makes no freaking sense.


6 Beloved TV Shows (That Traumatized Cast Members For Life)

There are shows you loved and grew up with that, behind the scenes, were a constant, dark carnival of torment.


6 'Brilliant' Movie Scientists (Who Suck At Their Job)

Take a look at some of the most brilliant scientists in movie history and you find a bunch of guys who should never have been allowed near a Bunsen burner.


At Home With Robert De Niro [COMIC]

A true method actor always takes the job home with him...


6 Star Wars Characters Too Idiotic for Film

The expanded universe of Star Wars expanded deep into the realm of stupidity.