Who Is the Rickiest Rick in ‘Rick and Morty’?: An Investigation

Believe it or not, one Rick stands above all the rest — including the main Rick
Who Is the Rickiest Rick in ‘Rick and Morty’?: An Investigation

What does it mean to be a Rick? 

While fans have met thousands of different versions of Rick in the six seasons of Rick and Morty, a few Ricks in particular stand out as the Rickiest of Ricks. What makes a true Rick is a delicate cocktail that’s equal parts super genius and insufferable asshole. The type of person who is so intelligent that their narcissism makes them completely aloof and yet you somehow still respect them for it. 

When both of these qualities are dialed up to 11, you end up with the Rickiest of Ricks in the multiverse — none more so than the five below. Burp!

Wasp Rick

First Episode: Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat,” Season 4, Episode 1

Which Rick Is It: When Morty is overtaken by a Death Crystal, Rick C-137 (the main Rick in the show) gets rerouted several different dimensions, one of which features Rick with both human and wasp parts.

Why They’re So Rick: Wasp Rick is classy, grounded and sophisticated. He’s not what you’d expect from a true Rick, but actions speak louder than words. While he ends up saving the day by stinging Hologram Rick in the eye and laying eggs in his face, the sheer brutality of wasps and their lifestyle are very Rick Sanchez. Combining his mega-genius with the capacity to eat bug babies in front of their parents, Wasp Rick makes being a Rick look both horrifically mean and pretty cool, even with an exoskeleton.   

Hot-Head Rick

First Episode:Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion," Season 5, Episode 7

Which Rick Is It: This is the Rick who is a member of the Gotron gang. He is a parody of Sonny Corleone. 

Why They’re So Rick: A straight-up classic rogue Rick. He turns his back on the small organization of Ricks and their Gotron gang. After the attempt on his life, he vows revenge and succeeds, only to kill himself and another Rick in a fiery blaze. What a dick. 

Rick D. Sanchez III

First Episode: “The Ricklantis Mixup,” Season 3, Episode 7

Which Rick Is It: Owner of Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie factory who is dressed as a parody of Willy Wonka.

Why They’re So Rick: Extremely wealthy and successful, Rick D. Sanchez III initially appears to be a “good” Rick as he settles down the hostage situation created by a different Rick (J-22). However, it was all a beautifully constructed ruse to keep making his delicious cookies as he ultimately enslaves Rick J-22. Rick D. Sanchez III is brutally narcissistic and only cares about his business and legacy — and will do whatever it takes to preserve them. The guy could be a senator.    

Rick C-137

First Episode: “Pilot,” Season 1, Episode 1

Which Rick Is It: This is the Rick we’ve followed since the beginning. He’s been Pickle Rick, Tiny Rick and a physical manifestation of his own toxins. 

Why They’re So Rick: He’s saved our world thousands of times over — sometimes while blackout drunk, and sometimes impregnating a planet while also blackout drunk. Every universe has a Rick, but this Rick is ours, kind of by default. With his self-fulfilling narcissism and tragic self-loathing, C-137 exemplifies all the traits that make someone immeasurably intelligent and insufferably douchey. Still, one Rick outdoes him as the Rickiest of the Ricks.

Rick Prime

First Episode: “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” Season 3, Episode 1

Which Rick Is It: The Rick that killed C-137’s family. 

Why They’re So Rick: He’s the meanest, baddest, most selfish, toxically evil shit we have seen so far in all of the multiverse. In short, he is the main source of torture for our Rick, and he has a disgustingly hilarious sense of humor about it. He’s the kind of guy who will kill your family in front of you and mock you all across the multiverse for it. Gotta hate yourself before you love yourself, folks. 

Honorable Mention: Evil Morty

First Episode: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,” Season 1, Episode 10

Which Rick Is It: He’s not a Rick, he’s a Morty, but he’s still very Rick. He’s the Morty that brought down the central finite curve while destroying the citadel and is still currently at large. 

Why They’re So Rick: Evil Morty has one mission and one mission only — to get out of the Rick and Morty multiverse. He hates all Ricks and the Mortys that come with them. Gone in a golden flash, he leaves our world like a steaming turd, flipping us off for his benefit only. All of which makes him the sole challenger to Rick Prime as the king shitheel of the multiverse.

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