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6 Movies That Didn't Realize the Villain Really Won: Classic

'So what do we do about this whole international crime syndicate still hanging around?' 'Meh. Roll to credits.'


5 Classic Movies If They Got Pitched in Hollywood Today

If they greenlit Schindler's List today, it'd be about an assassin named Schindler, his large-breasted sidekick, and his list of high profile targets. In 3D. POSTproduction 3D.


5 Kids Games Hollywood Hasn't Ruined (Yet)

Let it be known now, if any of these movies ever get made, someone owes me some goddamn money.


5 Unfought Wars That Would Have Changed Everything

WARNING: The following article contains historical speculation from a comedy website.


6 Things Movie Characters Always Seem to Forget

Seriously, why didn't they kill Gilligan in the first episode?


7 Famous Movie Flaws That Were Explained in Deleted Scenes

Darth Vader's wakeboarding montage would really have broken the flow of Empire. Still, we wish they included it in the theatrical release.


The 7 Most Irritating Characters From Otherwise Great Movies

Hollywood's most frustrating films to watch are the ones that are one character away from being perfect. Whether it's a wacky sidekick or a sassy kid, they always suck the life out of the film.


The Evolution of Fictional Characters by Medium [COMIC]

Each form of media has its own unique lifecycle.


The 5 Stupidest Ways Movies Deal With Foreign Languages

Sometimes people put foreign languages in movies. Aside from this being treasonously un-American, they hardly ever do it right.


6 Baffling Flaws in Famous Sci-Fi Technology

In the course of trying to dazzle us with their fancy spaceships and battle vehicles, sometimes Hollywood forgets to make sense.


6 Movie Heroes Who Actually Made Things Worse

Seriously, can you even call these people heroes?


Why do some filmmakers try to turn their kung fu masterpiece into something more? Apparently to make us lose our shit laughing.


5 Comic Book Ads that Tried to Get Your Children Killed

Kids: Use Your Comic Book Prize to Fight Gorillas!


6 Insane Attempts to Make Movies Starring Dead Movie Stars

Hey, you can't let something like a little death get in the way. There's money to be made


6 Movie Plots That Could Have Been Solved In Minutes

Writing movies is hard. Mainly because you, the audience, are so demanding. That's why we end up with such convoluted plots as these.