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The song that saves the entire universe gets a 6.2


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George Lucas Thinks Fans Missed the Point of ‘Star Wars’

It’s a good thing ‘Star Wars’ doesn’t exist in the ‘Star Wars’ universe.


Bugs Bunny Was Created Because Animators Got Lazy

Animators are hardworking people whose jobs aren’t easy, and they especially weren’t in 1938, when you still had to draw with feathers dipped in coal miners’ sweat or whatever.


The Over-Abundance Of Dark, Gritty, Realistic 'Batman' Films Is Our Fault

If I had a nickel for every joke about "bat nipples," I'd have enough money to make the lighthearted Batman movie that people seem to want.


Behold, The Evidence That DC's Future Movie Plans Are Bonkers

DC is about to flush the cosmic toilet, evidence suggests.


'The New Mutants' Isn't Just Bad, It's Surprisingly Racist

If you needed yet another reason not to go see the new X-Men movie.


Dude In LA Is Jetpack Flying Next To Planes Like 'The Rocketeer'

2020 is the part of the venn diagram where the '90s meet insanity.


'Riverdale' Star Was An Undercover Agent Against Sex Trafficking

It's your classic case of TV star turns sex cop turns TV TV star/sex cop.


4 MCU Easter Eggs That Deserve Their Own Movie

Some easter eggs are deeper than others.


'The West Wing' Was A Useless Fairy Tale

They're Doing A 'West Wing' Reunion ... Great


I Went To See ‘Tenet’ Like An Idiot

It was loud, confusing, and lonely.


Janice From 'Friends' Deserved Better

Janice was on another level.