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How Cracked Is About to Ruin Science Fiction Forever

Isaac Asimov once told me something that has inspired everything we've tried to do here at Cracked: 'Science fiction can eat a dick.'


4 Personality Flaws Movies Think Are Awesome

Hollywood seems to think that it's not just enough to give its hero a flaw, it needs to turn that flaw into an advantage. Because Hollywood has no idea how people work.


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3 Most Perverted Looking Japanese Movies on Netflix: Tested

As a cinephile, I owed myself the pleasure of watching these movies to determine what the hell they were about. And so I did. And now I share the experience with you. My condolences.


20 Weird Rules That Only Exist in Movie Universes

We get that movies take place in a different reality than our own. That still doesn't mean that some tropes that repeat over several different movies don't quite make sense.


'Based On A True Story' Movies That Are BS

Hollywood loves to spin a good yarn and tell us it's real.


5 Current TV Shows That Get More Praise Than They Deserve

Comment rage in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...


17 Unintentionally Hilarious Scenes in Serious Movies

Listen, filmmakers, we understand -- sometimes you just want your movie to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, in trying so hard to maintain that status quo, really stupid scenes manage to slip in.


5 Beloved Icons That Need a Gritty Reboot

Despite the obvious superiority of gritty reboots, many old shows and movies are still lying around uselessly in stupid non-darkness, waiting for Hollywood to sprinkle them with some harsh, family-killing reality.


17 Movies & TV Shows That Have No Idea How Technology Works

Sometimes it's hard to not notice the idiot logic being presented on the screen.


4 Famous Movies With Deceptively Complex Symbolism

Here are four movies that define my favorite, previously unnamed literary device: the 'Trans-Redemptive Symbol.'


4 Famous Movies With Insane Music Video Tie-Ins

Virtually all music videos are utterly terrible, but here are four that managed to rise above that distinction to become totally insane.