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The 5 Most Depraved Sex Scenes Implied by 'Harry Potter'

If you clicked on this article expecting five Harry/Draco fanfics, prepare to be disappointed.


J.K. Rowling's Failed Attempts to Write an 8th Harry Potter

The Harry Potter Saga ended on the big screen this summer, but HP Fever (H. Peever) is here to stay. Like Star Wars before it, the Harry Potter Universe captured the attention and money of people young and old, for more than a decade, all over the world. Of the top 20 highest-grossing movies of all time, 6 of them are Harry Potter films. H. Peever


4 Recent Films That Are Accidentally Sequels to 80s Movies

Recently I noticed that there were certain movies which, although not designed to be, are like sequels to earlier unrelated films. Movies that show you what would have happened years later if only you use a little imagination and poetic license, and I thought it would be fun to pair some of them up in a list.


5 Classic Movies That Almost Had Terrible Endings



The 6 Most Inexplicable Cartoon Adaptations Ever

Sometimes it makes sense to spin-off a live-action property into a cartoon. But sometimes a TV show or character is dumped into the laps of some cartoon writers who are told, 'Just make up whatever pops into your head. Kids are stupid.'


5 Sequels Made By People Who Must Not Have Seen the Original

We're not just talking about movies that shouldn't have had sequels, we're talking about movies which couldn't. The plot of the previous movie or movies made them a logical impossibility. Movies like ...


5 Movie Characters Who Were Wildly Unqualified for Their Job

Action and sci-fi films are filled with cool-looking jobs that we would die to have. Some take a lifetime to learn. Other, more dangerous ones, only take a few days, thankfully.


9 Steps to Creating Your Own Hyper-Intelligent Ape

in the past few years, great leaps forward in the educational and poop-concealing realms has brought the prospect of grooming one's own personal renaissance-ape within reach. And as many of my readers have both mislaid priorities and great loneliness, I knew this was something they'd be interested in.


6 Famously Terrible Movies That Were Almost Awesome

Lots of bad movies looked like good movies in the early stages. It takes a whole bunch of people to make a movie, and often the finished product is only as good as its shittiest element. That messy process is how we wound up with ...


6 Beloved Characters That Had Undiagnosed Mental Illnesses

While these serious illnessess may be unintended, we would be remissed to not bring them up in the most immature fashion possible.


The 5 Craziest Children's Cartoons from North Korea

Take a look at the most insane Saturday morning line-up in history courtesy of North Korea.


5 Baffling 80s Trends (Explained by Rare Mental Disorders)

At a certain point, future generations are going to come to us with questions like, 'What? Why?' Fortunately, neurologists and sociologists have identified a number of mental disorders that are perfectly designed to explain the decade I grew up in.