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The Untold Story Behind The Hogwarts Cat

There might be a tragic story behind Mrs. Norris.


7 Famous Actors In Hit Movies (That Were A Personal Hell)

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Jackman And Stewart Just Dissed 'X-Men' And No One Noticed

You have to do a little reading between the lines, but it won't take much squinting to see the half-hidden 'up yours' in there.


Disney Just Loves Making You Picture F*cking Its Characters

I just rewatched a bunch of Disney movies, and they're really trying to put sexy thoughts in our head at times when no one should have those thoughts there.


5 Classic Horror Films That Have Super Underrated Sequels

The first movie in a series, especially when you're dealing with the horror genre, is usually considered hallowed ground. Usually ... but not always.


5 Really Awesome Movies Hidden Inside Really Crappy Movies

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Movie And Show Questions Fans (Somehow) Answered

We don't need to know the solution to every single mystery posed by our favorite shows or movies, right? Spoiler alert: wrong.