Unlock Your Full Microsoft Office Potential With This Bundle

Unlock Your Full Microsoft Office Potential With This Bundle

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You know how they say that humans only use 10 percent of their brains or whatever? Yeah, that's a lie. But it's probably safe to say that most people who list Microsoft Office on their resume only understand about 10 percent of it. But wouldn't you like to be able to use the full 100 percent? Unfortunately, you can't just take some pill like in Limitless or do whatever the heck Scarlett Johansson did in Lucy and understand all of Office at once. However, you can use The Pay What You Want Complete Microsoft Office Bundle, which will eventually get you there.


Here are three reasons you should learn how to use Microsoft Office at full capacity.

It's A Business Communication Standard

You are almost guaranteed to never work in an office that doesn't at least use Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. And that's to say nothing of Outlook and the other more specific programs that are becoming more standard. Every person in the working world knows what Microsoft Office is, and you wouldn't want to lose out on a job to your dumb Fortnite-addicted nephew, Chris, just because he knows it better than you.

It'll Increase Your Productivity

There are a lot of things Microsoft Office can do for you that you may not even know about. For example, you can make massive databases in Excel and use its built-in features to create visualizations of that data, like some kind of wizard -- a hybrid of Gandalf and Nate Silver. You can also use Microsoft Word's mail merge function to create hundreds of mailing labels at once. You'll be so damn productive, you might start beating Chris in Fortnite

It Comes With A Ton Of Tools You Probably Aren't Using

Of all the productivity tools out there, there's a reason Microsoft Office has become the go-to for pretty much every person with a job. Even if you're using Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on a regular basis, you should consider learning how to use all of the other programs included as well. OneNote is the best note-taking tool since they figured out how to put balls on pen points. Sway is a great tool for aggregating internet media for a presentation, and Outlook is like a personal assistant on your dashboard.

If you're ready to learn, consider picking up The Pay What You Want Complete Microsoft Office Bundle. Normally, these classes cost about $645, but for a limited time, you can pay what you want and get the courses for next to nothing. But not Chris. He pays full price.

Don't stop here. Keep expanding your Microsoft knowledge with The Ultimate Microsoft Project Bundle: Lifetime Access and The Microsoft Data Analysis Bundle: Lifetime Access.

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