This Fancy Art Bundle Will Help You Make Cool Cartoons

Learn how to create art that makes people laugh, cry, or vomit.
This Fancy Art Bundle Will Help You Make Cool Cartoons

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From Rick And Morty to Into The Spider-Verse, there's little doubt that some of the coolest storytelling going on these days is happening in animation. If you want to explore this realm and create art that makes people laugh, cry, and vomit, then you'll need the right training. And no, we're not talking about quitting your day job to take art and crime-fighting lessons from a Spider-Man from another dimension (though that option is indeed tempting). We're talking about these art classes, available right now in the Cracked Store.

The Complete Learn To Paint Bundle

MLHHE Celizbrod

This Learn to Paint Bundle will guide you through the career of famed watercolor artist Alfred Robert Quinton and explore his work with still life, realism, figures, and several famed locations in Scotland. A professional artist with more than 35 years of experience (not Alfred Robert Quinton, as he's dead) will guide you through these classes, imparting you with all the watercolor skills you need to really stick it to those kindergartners who always get all the attention with their macaroni portraits and hand turkeys.

Normally $119.94, you can get this bundle in the Cracked Store for 75% off -- that's $29.

The Fundamentals Of Drawing Bundle

This Fancy Art Bundle Will Help You Make Cool Cartoons

If there's one thing that Titanic taught us, it's that learning how to draw will help you steal Billy Zane's girlfriend. After that, all you need is a lifeboat, and you're pretty much set. This drawing bundle will walk you through superheroes, figures, realistic faces, and even adorable doggos just like the ones on Instagram. Normally $694.93, you can get this whole bundle in the Cracked Store for just $39, or 94% off.

The Complete Beginner's Guide To Animation Bundle


Animation is a complex skill that can take a lot of time to learn ... is the type of thing that people without the Complete Beginners Guide to Animation Bundle say. This bundle runs you through rigging characters, editing, directing, designing characters with personality, and pitching, as well as basic Photoshop skills and background animations. You'll get some tips on animating even if you don't know how to draw yet.

Normally $549.92, you can get the whole bundle for just $24.99.

LED Adjustable Tracing Pad

This Fancy Art Bundle Will Help You Make Cool Cartoons

If you're serious about art (and by entry #4 of this list, we imagine you are), then you're crazy not to use every digital tool at your disposal. This adjustable tracing pad is the best way to get started. Three levels of brightness and an easy-to-use design makes the learning curve a snap, and the price is pretty attractive as well. Normally $49.99, you can get yours in the Cracked Store right now for just $25.

Corel Painter 2019

Getono Pstonato

If Salvador Dali were alive to see this digital painter program, his eyeballs would have melted right out of their clocks from amazement. You get 900 unique brushes, 35 different types of brushes, images, textures, and patterns as clone sources, and in-app learning to help hone your skills and do more than Dali could have ever dreamed.

This $429 program is available in the Cracked Store right now for just $249.

Or just take the easy route and hang out with your favorite cartoon characters with this SelecTV By FreeCast One-Year Subscription or this Vortex Cloud Gaming Three-Month Subscription.

Here are more ways to Get In Touch With Your Inner Starving Artist With These Buys.

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