It's interesting how the last year managed to last ten years. Either the sheer weight of the bullshit has bent the fabric of spacetime, or the human mind just wasn't built to process 30 outrage headlines a day.

But hey, we're still alive! You and I as organisms, and Cracked as a business. And with life comes possibilities. Things can get better! Or worse! But hopefully better! So with that, here are a bunch of things we should all be thankful for.

That We Have Someone At Cracked Who Can Write Things Like This

Kristi Harrison, on why sexual assault victims don't come forward:

Now that you -- an interesting, fun, smart, ambitious person who has a million things to accomplish -- have been assaulted or harassed, you have a choice. You can tuck this Bad Thing away in your brain and keep living your life as normally as possible, or you can step into the second part of the nightmare of assault: the part where you describe the experience over and over again in front of people who may or may not believe you, who might actually be paid to tear you to shreds in public, and who can destroy every dream or ambition you've ever had for yourself. Oh, and if you choose to step forward, your name and your assailant's name will be linked forever and ever, even after you die. When people think of you, they'll also think of him. That's what you're signing up for when you come forward.

(Full article here.)

That You Can Write Stuff Like That Too

If you've got stuff to say and a certain knack for saying it, regardless of your background, you can click here and get paid to do it, plus have your voice heard by hundreds of thousands of people. Kristi clicked that exact link about ten years ago, and now she runs that whole thing. Maybe years from now you can depose her and take over! End her cruel reign!

This Person Who Rigged Their Amazon Alexa To Speak Through One Of Those Novelty Talking Fish

That There Are Ways To Keep Cool Stuff On The Web

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This Toddler Getting Startled By A Goat Fart

This needs the audio:

That We Also Have People Who Can Write Things Like This

We walk around thinking we're brilliant, no matter how many times we get our head stuck in an alligator or our genitals stuck in an alligator. I can prove it: I think I'm smart enough to write an article on intelligence, and the only book I've read is the movie Bloodsport.

That's Seanbaby, from this article about the five stupidest kinds of people.

This Fish Orgasm

Things To Be Thankful For In A World Of Unrelenting Horror
via YouTube

David Wong is the Executive Editor at Cracked, and his new book has a perfect five-star rating on Amazon after more than 250 reviews. That means it's apparently the best thing ever written!

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Curious about Seanbaby's love of the film Bloodsport? Well click the Bloodsport link, and watch Bloodsport. It's good s--t. Invite us over and we'll join you!

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