These Deals Will Make You Reach For The Stars & Your Wallet

These Deals Will Make You Reach For The Stars & Your Wallet

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Whether your sun-filtered contact lens startup is all out of runway or your corneas are still scabbing from hubris, eclipse withdrawals can be tough. The news has returned focus to our ball of dirt rather than the great beyond, and frankly, our moods have suffered for it. So to propel your spirits up where they belong, here are six extraterrestrial selections from the Cracked Store.

Star Wars 3D Mega Lamps

These Deals Will Make You Reach For The Stars & Your Wallet

If you're sad that you missed the solar eclipse, fear not -- you'll be getting yearly Star Wars movies to hold you over until the next one arrives. To celebrate gazing up at galaxies far, far away, these color-changing LED lamps are intricately modeled after iconic droids, ships, and helmets. Grab a Star Wars 3D Mega Lamp for $49.99.

Levitating Bluetooth Orb Speaker


Welcome to 2017, where your speaker system isn't cool unless it looks like a device used to summon the Megazords. This version of space-age music player can be used to charge your smartphone and provides crisp 360-degree sound from every pore of its spherical body. Did we mention that it also freaking floats! This magnetically-levitating novelty loudspeaker can be had for just $64.99.

Scientific Magnetic Space Putty

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Playing with putty as a kid was the closest you ever felt to being a mad scientist. "This thing was once this, and now it is this!" But that feeling doesn't have to be relegated to childhood. Scientific Space Putty has all the bouncy smooshiness of regular putty, and is also imbued with the inscrutable powers of magnetism. Think of it as an upgrade for reaching adulthood. Watch as this silver blob devours small metal objects from the comfort of your desk by grabbing some Scientific Space Putty from our shop for $9.99.

Outdoor Monocular Telescope with Portable Tripod


Stargazing is a lot like playing Pokemon, in that there's a seemingly endless amount of new ones to discover, and all of their names are ridiculous. This portable telescope is perfect to scratch your itch for discovery. With 90x magnification and a versatile collection of eyepieces, you can catch 'em all wherever you go. Get the Outdoor Monocular Telescope with Portable Tripod here for $54.99.

"The Cube" Bluetooth Speaker

These Deals Will Make You Reach For The Stars & Your Wallet

Although it looks like the kind of object that would grant faster-than-light travel to our society, the Cube is really just a wireless speaker. But ask any TIE fighter pilot who's careened hull-first into an asteroid, and they'll tell you that a wireless speaker beats lightspeed any day. Especially considering that the multi-color LED lighting on the Cube is perfect for starting a dance party, we think the winner is pretty obvious. Pick up "The Cube" Bluetooth Speaker for just $21.99.

Laser Twilight Projector

These Deals Will Make You Reach For The Stars & Your Wallet

For all those times when you'd like to stare at the wonders of the night sky but don't want to leave the comfort of your bean bag chair to do it, there's the Laser Twilight projector. It shines stars and colorful nebulae in all directions with green laser holography, allowing you to pass your fingers right through the cosmos. This brilliant mood lighting usually goes for $200, but you can get it here for just $109.99.

Embark on the Long Trek to Forever, soaring the skies with Silver Sagan on this Death Starry Night. This is your Star War to Heaven.

Or just play astronaut with $145 Says We Can Talk You Into Buying This Drone.

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