These 5 Storage Options Will Keep Your Data Safe And Sound

You'll never have to delete another Limp Bizkit album ever again
These 5 Storage Options Will Keep Your Data Safe And Sound

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You're probably sick of paying Apple for cloud storage every month. If you aren't, then you're probably just broke, or even worse, taking part in the dangerous high-wire act that is living without backup storage. So before you end up losing every note scribble or song purchase you've ever made, check out these external storage options. That way you'll never have to delete another Limp Bizkit album ever again.

iKlips II 64GB

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The iKlips II is a flash drive that plugs directly into your phone, instantly expanding the space you have for Jonathan Franzen audiobooks. This sucker packs blazing fast memory, supports exFAT (meaning there's no limit on file size), and is 4K and HD friendly. You can plug it directly into your phone to watch the newest straight-to-video 4K movie on your list, and not even worry that your storage is filled to the brim with all of your most hilarious Fortnite fails. Normally the iKlips II retails for $79, but you can get one right now at 12 percent off for just $69.

Naztech Xtra Drive Mini + 16GB microSD Card

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This handy plug-and-play microSD card reader connects right to your phone to add all the extra gigs of storage you could shake the proverbial stick at (up to 256 GB). It comes with 16 GB like the iKlips (without the fancy speeds and exFAT support), and is a great option if you think you'll need a ton more space down the line. (Which you might if Franzen keeps up his breakneck writing pace.) All you'll need to do is buy a bigger memory card. The Naztech Xtra Drive Mini normally retails for $59.99, but right now you can get it at 25 percent off for just $44.99.

Zoolz Cloud Storage


If you're looking for cloud storage, Zoolz offers lifetime access to store up to 3 TB of data, which you can access at your every whim. It divides your storage space into instant vault and cold storage, so you can store files that you barely need in Cold Storage (which takes longer to download), and keep stuff you need all the time in the Instant Vault. We see you, Zoolz. Normally this service costs $2,100, but right now you can grab it for $74.95, a 96 percent discount.

IDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup

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If you're mainly concerned about backing up your phone (because who uses "computers" anymore?), the iDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup service is an affordable option that delivers the goods with a wink and a smile. It grants you unlimited storage for up to five mobile devices, and you can always sync that data to any other device no matter the platform. That's right, Android and Apple living together in perfect harmony. Right now you can get a lifetime subscription to the service for just $19.99, a 60 percent markdown from the standard price of $49.99.

pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage

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If you like the idea of Zoolz but the concept of 3 TB gives you the spins, pCloud Premium Plus cloud storage has a more palatable 2 TB of cloud storage. You can back up all of your devices, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. Plus, you can access all of your data on any one of your devices, so you don't constantly have to switch back and forth just to listen to your high school band's old demos. It doesn't hurt that they are big on security too, because hackers suck, dude. You can get a one-year subscription for just $29.99, 68 percent off the normal retail price of $95.88.

Fear not if you suddenly hear the cannon boom of the God Of Thunder in the middle of the Death Starry Night ... for this is an ad, and clouds are loosely related to thunder.

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