These 5 Items Will Make Traveling Suck Just A Little Less

Traveling sucks.
These 5 Items Will Make Traveling Suck Just A Little Less

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Commuting and traveling sucks. It's a fact of life, and it's not made easier when most carry-ons and commuter bags are designed with no regard for phones, laptops, your embarrassing Legend Of Zelda-themed 3DS, or any other item that was released after the War of 1812. So if you're going somewhere, you need a bag or suitcase that's a little more reliable than the big polyester trash bag you probably currently use. Bags and suitcases like these!

LifePack: The Carry-On Closet

These 5 Items Will Make Traveling Suck Just A Little Less

When you go on trips, does your sitcom-friendly spouse obnoxiously quip, "Whoa, somebody's packing the whole closet!" Well, thanks to this bag, you can now look Tim Allen dead in the eye and reply, "Yes, yes I am." The Carry-On Closet is essentially a collapsible hanging dresser within a bag, allowing you to stay organized no matter how much you pack. It includes a TSA-approved lock and durable wheels and handles, and while it retails for $249, you can get it from us for $169. Click here to purchase the Carry-On Closet and put an end to your spouse's bad jokes.

Lifepack Solar Powered And Anti-Theft Backpack

These 5 Items Will Make Traveling Suck Just A Little Less

The versatility of this backpack is such that you can use it for pretty much anything, kind of like you're some sort of hypothetical "inspector" who has "gadgets." To start, its solar-powered charging banks allow you to charge two USB devices at once. It's also weather-resistant, has phone and laptop slots, a Bluetooth speaker, and tons of other features that would make your head shoot up into the sky. This backpack has a $269 value, but it's here for $149. Click here to become some sort of "gadget inspector," or whatever.

1Voice 10,000mAh Charging Messenger Bags


This bag may look retro on the outside, but it's got 2018 happening on the inside. Thanks to a built-in 10,000mAh lithium-polymer charger, you can charge your phone without plugging it in, potentially saving you three or six panic attacks from having a dead phone per week. Plus, it has built-in laptop compartments. Hooray. Yes, this bag will give you all the class of a rich British schoolchild, but incredibly comes at a huge discount. It's valued at $259, but you can get it here for $49.99.

Rise Gear Weekender


Once again, we've got collapsible shelving, but this time in duffel bag form. Think of it as the ideal accouterments for camping or hiking or for forcing your kids to go camping or hiking. It includes separate compartments for shoes or laundry or whatever items you need to separate because your kids used poison oak as a wrestling mat. You can hang it in any closet, doorway, or car with steel hooks, or you can simply just keep this duffel bag ... duffeled? Yeah, duffeled. Get it here for $139.

Unsettle & Co. Commuter Duffel Bag

These 5 Items Will Make Traveling Suck Just A Little Less

This computer bag is like a Transformer, easily shifting from backpack to duffel bag to alien mecha in the blink of an eye. Just kidding on that last part, but between the separate shoe compartment, the waterproof rolltop, the padded laptop compartment, the coin pocket, and the removable straps, it can be argued that this bag is every bit as tricked out as Optimus Prime. It's valued at $199. Get it here for $89.99.

Hit the road, Jack. And be sure to bring along the Society Of Adventuring Doctors with you on your Star Trek To Forever.

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