These 10 Buys Are Cheap AND Cool, What More Could You Want?

These 10 Buys Are Cheap AND Cool, What More Could You Want?

This piece was written by the Cracked Shop to tell you about products that are being sold there.

We'll get straight to the point here. We have one job at the Cracked Shop, and that's to find you cool products that A) will win back the respect of your friends and loved ones, and B) won't force you to live in a state of quiet financial desperation for the rest of your life. Yes, we know the stakes are high. Here are ten of this week's top picks.

Behind The Stick: Ensemble Of Seven Select Bar Tools


Have a friend over? Well pull out a drink mixer, and now it's a party! This set comes with two Boston shakers, a European-style twisted bar spoon, a Hawthorne strainer, a citrus strainer, a Japanese-style jigger, and a muddler, which is presumably everything you need to make a rum and coke.

MSRP: $59.99. Sale Price: $48 (19% off).

Teak Star Slim 9.8" 005TS Cutting Board And Four-Piece Arondight Knife Set

These 10 Buys Are Cheap AND Cool, What More Could You Want?

You like food? Well then you probably like knives, which allow you to divide food into smaller portions that can fit onto a standard plate. These knives are professional-grade, have super-sleek handles, and come with a cutting board, so you don't have to chop things up on the floor.

MSRP: $155.80. Sale Price: $110 (29% off).

EarDial: The Invisible Smart Earplugs For Live Music


Wearing earplugs in public can seem kinda weird, right? Well these ones aren't, because people can't see them. They're super discreet and app-controlled, so you can let in as much or as little sound as you like. Now you can enjoy that Lizzo concert or ride your Harley -- or both simultaneously -- without fear of shredding your precious eardrums.

MSRP: $33. Sale Price: $21.99. Price Drop: $19.99 (39% off).

Black Diamond Knife Block And Four-Piece Precision Professional Knife Set

These 10 Buys Are Cheap AND Cool, What More Could You Want?

We know how much you love knives, so we grabbed another set for you! These have a modern look that'll liven up your counter top into the 22nd century. Will your cooking robot even appreciate them?

MSRP: $215.80. Sale Price: $135 (37% off).

Flip Out Rechargeable Screwdriver And Bit Set

Oks Fupa

Let's be honest: If you try to use a normal screwdriver, you're just counting down the seconds until you accidentally injure yourself. Let technology do the work. This handy little tool is battery-powered and super flexible, making it easier to reach tough spots and get that torque you need.

MSRP: $45. Sale Price: $29.99 (33% off).

Gotham Steel Ti-Cerama 12-Piece Kitchen And Cookware Set

These 10 Buys Are Cheap AND Cool, What More Could You Want?

Have you ever shopped for cookware at a department store? Even with 30 20% off coupons, it's expensive as all heck! Look at what you get with this deal: an 8.5" skillet, 10.25" frying pan with lid, a 1-quart pot with lid, a 1.5-quart pot with lid, a 2.5-quart pot with lid, a 5-quart pot with lid, and an aluminum steamer with a lid. Arrange it all on the counter, and make visitors think you actually cook!

MSRP: $159. Sale Price: $95 (40% off).

Force1 UFO 4000 LED Quadcopter Drone

Drones are cool, and drones that light up are even cooler. This guy has red, white, and blue LEDs built in and flips with one touch. You can do all kinds of cool stunts while lighting up the night sky! Make your elderly neighbors think a UFO has arrived!

MSRP: $49.99. Sale Price: $39.99 (20% off).

CoinKeeper Premium -- Lifetime Subscription

These 10 Buys Are Cheap AND Cool, What More Could You Want?

Are you financially illiterate? Do you hear the phrase "Roth IRA" and think, "Didn't I know that guy in college?" Well you didn't. It's a type of savings account, and it's why you need an app to help you manage your money and budget like an adult. CoinKeeper makes it as easy as dragging and dropping to track your spending and organize your budget.

MSRP: $269.95. Sale Price: $29.99 (88% off).

XSplit VCam -- Lifetime Subscription

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If you ever wondered how YouTube personalities appear to be on the beach when they're actually just in their tiny bedroom in Minnesota, you probably guessed that they used a green screen, right? Nope. XSplit VCam is how they do it. It changes your background like a green screen when you're recording on your computer, without the need to jam everything in your room into a corner to make way for eight feet of green cloth.

MSRP: $49.95. Sale Price: $19.99 (59% off).

Keezel 2.0 Online Protection Device With Lifetime Protection


Your home is probably more connected to the internet than you think. Your computer, phone, TV, smart home thing, even your hair dryer, probably -- if you can plug it in, then it probably has online capabilities. Keezel connects to your router and secures every last one of your devices from the evil forces that lurk beyond. Don't let your refrigerator get hacked!

MSRP: $239. Sale Price: $179 (25% off).

Prices are subject to change.

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