Take Control Of Your Financial Future With These 5 Deals

Taxes are fun!
Take Control Of Your Financial Future With These 5 Deals

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If there's one thing Americans can agree on, it's that taxes are fun. Who doesn't love writing a cheerful little love letter to the government, stuffed full of all that extra cash you couldn't figure out what else to do with?

OK fine, doing your taxes sucks. But these five programs are designed to make the process so much less painful.

TaxSlayer Online Tax Filing Plans

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If you don't feel up to sorting through all the confusing files and forms you need to make sure you aren't arrested by the IRS (they brought down Capone, and they can sure as heck bring down you), then TaxSlayer Online can help you out. Not only will it upload all your information from other services, but it's also 100 percent guaranteed to be accurate and give you a maximum refund. Take that, IRS! Normally $17, the TaxSlayer Online Tax Filing Plan is available in the Cracked Store for just $8.49.

The QuickBooks 2019 Master Class


If you're doing taxes for a small business instead of just yourself, then this can take the stress out of everything. And once you're done with taxes, you can use it to make sense of your financial reports, track customers and vendors, reconcile your bank statements, and brag to your friends that you know how to use QuickBooks. Trust us, they'll be impressed. Normally $150, you can get the QuickBooks 2019 Master Class in the Cracked Store for just $19.

The Personal Finance Collection, Featuring Ramit Sethi And David Bach


Tax season isn't just stressful because of all the paperwork and annoyance. It's also a yearly reminder that "Damn, my finances are not where they should be." If that's the case, the Personal Finance Collection can help you. These four classes are taught by New York Times best-selling authors David Bach and Ramit Sethi, and will change everything you know about money. This $406 collection is available now in the Cracked Store for just $59.

Chronicle Pro Budgeting Tool

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Organizing your finances doesn't have to be an anxiety-addled fever dream. The Chronicle Pro Budgeting Tool provides handy reminders of upcoming payments, helps calculate what you need to save, and tracks all your spending. It's like having Link's fairy companion Navi, except instead of giving you tips on dungeon bosses, it tells you where your money goes. And it's also much less annoying. Normally $19.99, you can get yours in the Cracked Store for just $9.99.

Visor: Get Your Taxes Done For You

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Save money on a CPA and avoid a drive to a crowded strip mall by connecting to your CPA online with Visor. It pairs you with a certified CPA or EA to help you walk through your taxes and make sure they're done properly the first time. They even give you full audit protection, guaranteed, so that the government doesn't knock down your door with a battering ram. This $198 service is available right now in the Cracked Store for just $89.

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