Surfers, Lost, and Three More Years of Frustration: The Friday Nooner (EST)!

Awesome Video Of The Day Surfer On The News There's something about this guy that makes me want to take him home with me and keep him as some kind of weird pet. I feel like he probably can't really take care of himself. I could keep him in my storage closet or something and only open the door when I want to hear something hilarious, then reward him with slices of pizza and bags of weed. You know how you're only supposed to give fish a little bit of food because they'll eat until they explode? I feel like it's probably exactly the same deal with this guy, so I better make sure to only give him a little bit of pizza at a time. Otherwise he'll just keep eating pizza, and then he'll paddle out into the ocean, get a cramp in the middle of a sick barrel and get totally pitted. I do NOT want it to be my fault that this guy gets pitted. Seriously.
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With 2008 just around the corner, the web is abuzz with end-of-the-year lists on just about every topic you can think of. Whether it's news stories, celebrity gossip, gadgets, or films, it seems like pretty much everyone with an internet connection and a pulse has something definitive to say about some aspect of 2007. I thought about doing a list myself, but I decided that would be too much work. Which brings us to this week's theme: end-of-the-year best-of lists. Just in a general sort of way.
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2007: The Year of the List A poll conducted by Entertainment Weekly has revealed that 37% of their readers think that
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Lost was the best drama of 2007. An unrelated study also showed a 37% increase in frustration-related suicide this year. Who would've thought? I promised myself I was going to stop watching Lost after the 2nd season. I swore up and down to all the people I watched it with every week that I was OUT next season. Then the premiere rolled around, and guess what happened? There I was being strung along all over again. Then it was announced that the show won't be ending until 2010. Are you f*****g kidding me? Is this really something I'm going to have to deal with every February for the next three years?! The worst part about it is:
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  • The show's writers probably have absolutely no idea of how the show is going to end
  • The show's "secrets" will probably never be revealed in any clear, coherent way
  • I will probably continue to watch the show even though I know full well that it's a mediocre show that will never provide any sort of satisfying conclusion
  • Despite all that, this trailer for the 4th season made me all like "whoa." So I guess what I'm trying to say is I can't f*****g wait until February. Because hey - who DOESN'T want a little more frustration in their life, right?
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