Achieve Your Game Dev Dreams With These 3 Bundles

If you think you've got the moxie to be a game dev, you'll want to check out these bundles.
Achieve Your Game Dev Dreams With These 3 Bundles

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Do you dream of making video games? I mean, we all do, but some people want to take this dream farther than scribbling "Red Dead Redemption, but a cooking simulator" on a napkin. Some, you know, actually have the drive to do it for a living. And if you feel like you're one of those people, then you have to check out these three game developer training bundles. They're designed to help you create your video game masterpiece, even if the most positive phrase that could be used to describe your current skill level is "trips on power cord."

The Complete Unity Game Developer Bundle

Achieve Your Game Dev Dreams With These 3 Bundles

Whether you're an experienced developer trying to create the next Flappy Bird or a novice just trying to create Flappy Bird But With A Sword And Anime Hair, you owe it to yourself to check out the Complete Unity Game Developer Bundle. This training bundle contains hundreds of lessons and 29 hours of instruction on virtually every aspect of game development with Unity.

You'll learn how to use Unity to make awesome mobile games, including augmented reality games like Pokemon Go (only with non-trademarked characters of your own creation that won't inspire immediate litigation). You'll learn how to animate human characters, create cutscenes, and develop huge procedurally generated worlds. Normally this bundle would run you $1,399.93, but right now you can knock 97 percent off that price and get lifetime access to the entire bundle for just $39.

Zero To Hero Game Developer Bundle

Achieve Your Game Dev Dreams With These 3 Bundles

If you're looking to parachute into a new career as a game developer and don't want to crash-land on your proverbial face during the first interview, then you need the Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle. This bundle contains a whopping 83 hours of instruction in professional-level game design, including training in all the industry standard tools, such as the Unreal Engine. (You may recognize it from 95 percent of the games that you've played in the past 15 years.)

You'll also learn how to build games in the aforementioned Unreal Engine, how to use Python and IOS 10 to create games, how to build a first-person shooter in Unity, and pretty much everything game-related besides upping your KDA in Fortnite. (That is a mystery still unknown to man.) Normally this bundle sells for $1,477, but if you click here right now, you can knock 96 percent off that price and get lifetime access for just $49.

School Of Game Design -- Lifetime Access

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If you spent every lunch period from preschool to now-school filling out notebooks with world-building lore and bodacious character designs, then you owe it to yourself to check out the School of Game Design. This online training bundle contains over 120 hours of instruction delivered by expert instructors. The courses are designed to cater to your particular skill level, whether you're already somewhat familiar with development or the limit of your programming knowledge is inputting the Konami Code in Contra.

You also get lifetime access to every instructional video offered by the School of Game Design, so you can learn at your own pace and revisit any lesson you need to at any time you want. Normally, lifetime access to the School of Game Design will run you $5,990, but today you can take a mind-blowing 99 percent off that price and get it for just $59.

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