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Look, we know you want to make tons of money (we all do), and pursuing a career in I.T. is a pretty surefire way to cut a path into the forest of success and riches. It's also a smart way to ensure job security, because just about every modern business requires I.T. professionals in some capacity. But if you want to stroll into a high-paying position in this field, making finger guns at all your new co-workers as you break dance into your new cubicle, then you're going to need to get yourself certified. That's where the Ultimate I.T. Certification Bundle comes in.

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This bundle will give your resume the superheroic boost you need to score any job you want in information technology. You'll get 11 lessons and over 200 hours of instruction that will train you on how to dunk on every certification exam required for your new career. The lessons include ...

CompTIA A+ 220-901

CompTIA certification is the key to the kingdom in an I.T. career, and this course is the first step toward knighthood. You'll learn the ins and outs of Windows and most major mobile operating systems, how to install and configure PC and laptop hardware, and the bare bones of network construction.

CompTIA A+ 290-902

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This course will hone you into a Comp TIA certification-exam-destroying weapon You'll learn to build PC operating systems for your new job, like some sort of cyborg Bill Gates.

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CompTIA Network+ N10-007

This course will teach you how to build and maintain a secure network, so nobody's emails get stolen and are then used against them on a syndicated courtroom reality show. You'll also learn how to obliterate the Comp TIA Network exam, which will communicate to your prospective employers that you deserve that big payday.

CompTIA Cloud+

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Cloud storage is becoming standard internationally, and this course will teach you how to ace the CompTIA Cloud certification exam so you can handle it. Once you complete this course, you'll be able to securely implement and maintain cloud networks with the pizzazz of a Las Vegas magician.

CompTIA Project+ PK0-003

This course will prepare you for the CompTIA Project+ PK0-003 exam, which will teach you the skills you need to be a project manager and signal to your new boss that you aren't just full of hot air.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501

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If you're going to pursue a career in I.T., then you're going to need to do battle with hackers (beyond just throwing cans of Surge at them). This course will teach you the art of cyber defense, in particular in regards to building a secure network.

Microsoft 70-740: Installation, Storage, And Compute With Windows Server 2016

This course will teach you how to install Windows Server 2016 and how to use it. By the time you're done, you'll be handling the Windows Server 2016 like Yo-Yo Ma in a room full of cellos.

Microsoft 70-741

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This course will teach you how to run a network through Windows Server 2016 and gain the appropriate certification to be a champion of network security.

Microsoft 70-742: Identity In Windows Server 2016

You'll learn how to deploy and maintain Active Directory Domain Services, which is the last step in mastering Windows Server 2016.

Cisco 100-105: ICND1 -- Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1

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This course will teach you how to network with Cisco routers and earn CCNET certification. You'll need this for any high-paying job in I.T., especially the ones that facilitate the purchase of a high-performance hybrid vehicle.

Cisco 200-105 ICND2 -- Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2

This course will make you proficient in network switching, tree protocol, VLAN trunking, and dynamic routing protocols. Yes, that might all sound like gibberish, but that's because you need to take this course.

Normally this bundle sells for $3,289, but if you click here right now, you can knock 98 percent off that price and get lifetime access to all 11 courses for just $39.

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