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Data science, with the aggregation, visualization, and analyses of data, is a rapidly growing field. Skilled data scientists and engineers are in high demand, mainly because they're the only kinds of people who could explain to you what the previous sentence means. Whether you're looking to start a career in data science or you're already hip-deep in the field and want to inject 10 cc's of awesome into your resume, you should take a look at these five training bundles.

The Big Data Bundle

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The Big Data Bundle will teach you how to use a number of data management tools, and is easy to handle regardless of whether you're an established engineering professional or you think SQL is the name of a DJ. The bundle contains nine courses and over 64 hours of instruction in Hive, Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Oozie, Flume, and Sqoop (yes, those are all real things and not Harry Potter spells). Normally this bundle retails for $781, but if you click here right now, you can get lifetime access to all nine courses for a whopping 94 percent discount of $45.

The Complete Tableau 10 Data Science Bundle

Push Up Those Glasses And Check Out This Data Science Bundle

Collecting and analyzing data is vital in making the best decisions for your business, but holy hot Cheetos is it boring to look at. That's why people rely on data visualization tools to make all of this vital information easy to digest, and Tableau 10 is the fluffiest pony in the barn for almost all major corporations. With 184 lessons and over 15 hours of instruction, this bundle will teach you how to become a Tableau 10 champion. Normally, the Complete Tableau 10 Data Science Bundle retails for $623.96, but right now you can hop on a 96 percent discount and get it for just $19.

The Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle


Most everyone has probably used Excel before, but if you're anything like us, making even one formula can send you into a fit of existential terror before you panic and launch your computer out the nearest window. Luckily, the Ultimate Excel Bootcamp bundle will teach you how to glide through Excel like a pro, automating spreadsheets and creating data visualizations, such as handsome graphs and charts that will dazzle your bosses at your next meeting. All told, there are over 70 hours of instruction here, so if there's a way to use Excel to travel through time, this bundle will teach you how to do it. This massive bundle typically retails for $1,380, but if you click here right now, you can get it at a 96 percent discount of just $49.

Ultimate SQL Bootcamp

Push Up Those Glasses And Check Out This Data Science Bundle

If you have to work with databases in any capacity, you're going to need to learn SQL. SQL is the unsung hero of database construction and management that keeps everything working. It's kind of like Spider-Man, if Spider-Man were part of a computer program and J. Jonah Jameson spent his days stuck in the Matrix. Anyway, the Ultimate SQL Bootcamp bundle will teach you all there is about SQL, and how to use it to construct and manage your own databases. If you click here right now, you'll get 548 lessons and over 60 hours of in-depth instruction on SQL for just $49, 87 percent off the normal retail price of $408.

The Complete Introduction to R Programming Bundle

Push Up Those Glasses And Check Out This Data Science Bundle

In addition to sounding like an MI6 official from a James Bond movie, R is a programming language that specializes in data analysis and visualization (which honestly still sounds like something one of Q's underlings would have to deal with). The Complete Introduction to R Programming bundle is designed to grab data science newbies by the shoulders and fling them headlong into all of the tools R has at its disposal. Use it to extract data and present it in elegant, interactive graphs for easy interpretation and analysis. Click here right now to get all eight courses and over 20 hours of instruction in R programming for $49, a 91 percent discount on the standard price of $606.

Look, you may not be Sagan or Tesla, but you're some kind of scientist. And that's enough, dammit.

Or, at least, you will be. When you Become A Mad Data Scientist With This Affordable Bundle.

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