Prologue: In December of 2010, the Editors of decided to try what official documents refer to as "doing a thing" wherein they locked three of their regular writers in a conference room for 30 days. The writers--Michael Swaim, Cody Johnston and Daniel O'Brien--were tasked with creating as many comedically-themed sketch videos as they could in the time allotted.

We may never know what truly caused The Incident. All of the information we have was cobbled together from video footage, interviews, and various "found documents," such as personal journal entries, left behind by the writers. The only things we can concretely state are that the time limit was not adhered to, and that the conference room descended into madness well before day 6.

-Agent Francis Coleman, FBI

Thiee Dead iends

From the Journal of Daniel O'Brien

Day 1: So Sar I' de finirely enjoying oking 0o this xpecimeat and I LOVE the dcas we're Senerati'ng 6u I'm ITe G Woceie FhaF we're we burning through

Found Footage: Exhibit 1

From An Interview Immediately Following the Release of the Writers

U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent Coleman: So now we're about two weeks in. What was the atmosphere like? Swaim: Tense.

Found Footage: Exhibit 4

From the Journal of Michael Swaim

Most Horrifying Writers Room Ever

From the Journal of Daniel O'Brien

Most Horrifying Writers Room Ever

Found Footage: Exhibit 6

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