Master A Skill For The New Year With These 10 Courses


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Don't stress out if you didn't complete your personal development goals during the past year. Our goal was to put on real pants, and we managed sweatpants, and we're proud of it. So look at 2018 as a brighter tomorrow, and leap into it by trying out one of these ten professional learning resources:

Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp

Master A Skill For The New Year With These 10 Courses

A spreadsheet is more than just a canvass for blocky artwork. Some businesses couldn't even function without Microsoft's glorious bundle of rectangles. In this four-hour boot camp, you'll learn how to design fancy-schmancy spreadsheets and analyze data like a pro. It's worth $249, but you can get it here for $35.

Complete PMP Project Management Certification Training Bundle

Master A Skill For The New Year With These 10 Courses

PMP certification might sound like early '00s slang for a license to be a major player, but it's actually a Project Management Professional Certification -- which is, and I know this may surprise you, even better. Throughout these 21 hours, you'll explore every stage of project management, from execution to delivery. Pick up this course for $39, 96 percent off the usual price.

#1 Cryptocurrency Investment Course: A Step-By-Step Guide


"Cryptocurrency Investor" is easily the most 2017 hobby you could have, and by 2018, it could easily go from hobby to retirement fund. Learn winning strategies for exchanging Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies with this step-by-step course for just $15.

Pay-What-You-Want Adobe CC Lifetime Mastery Bundle

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The Adobe Suite is to designers what Guy Fieri is to a bucket of extra spicy chicken wings -- it is their ultimate tool, and their most valuable resource. Master Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, and After Effects with this nine-course compilation. You can pick your own price for this expert graphics training.

Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle


For all of the data mining that tech companies do, there's a surprising lack of people who know how to glean meaningful insight from numbers. You can become a prophet of arithmetic and start your path to a lucrative career in big data for just $49 with this bundle.

The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course: Build 20 Apps

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Even if you're the type of person who hears the word "apps" and thinks "all-you-can eat breadsticks" rather than "lucrative phone program," you're still cut out to become the next iOS App Store mogul. That's because all you need is a little bit of help, and this extensive coding tutorial will get your feet wet with Apple's Swift programming language. And it's 95 percent off the MSRP, just $10!

Intro to Unity 3D Game Development Bundle

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If you've ever had an idea for a video game or really wanted to impress your little brother, then check out the Unity 3D Game Development Bundle. After these seven courses, you'll know how to build 3D multiplayer games, as well as the crafty tricks for effective monetization. It costs $19.99, but it's worth $265.

Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle


If programming languages went to high school, Javascript would be the star quarterback who walked into a room and got fawned over by everyone. Discover how to build single-page applications with this in-depth web development course for just $25, 97 percent off retail.

Pay-What-You-Want "Start A Side Business" Bundle

Master A Skill For The New Year With These 10 Courses

Creating a "side business" doesn't always mean selling homemade bird whistles at the farmers market. You can get into something a little more stable, like an import-export business with the Amazon Fulfillment Program. You can pay what you want for this "Start a Side Business" Bundle for the chance to earn something more substantial than pocket change.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017

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If you find that most of your day is spent with your nose pressed to your social media feeds, then you should at least try to be paid for it. The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017 has lessons in Google AdWords, SEO, email marketing, and ad buying on all the major social networks. Normally $200, you can get it for $19.

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