Make Your Hollywood Dreams A Reality With Final Draft


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It's Awards Season, which is the absolute best climate for walking out of movies and talking loudly about how you could have written a better one. But if you're currently writing a screenplay on the back of a napkin, it's likely that no one, not even your barista, is going to take you seriously. So how do you get someone to read that speculative Munsters / Addams Family shared universe script? Make it look professional using the industry standard Final Draft 10 software.

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Virtually everyone in the industry uses Final Draft. James Cameron, Aaron Sorkin, and David Lynch have all publicly praised how great it is for screenwriters. And it would normally cost you $250, but luckily for you, Final Draft 10 is currently on sale in the Cracked Store for 50 percent off. That's just $125 for the software that can make your career. These are a few of the features (besides giving you sanity) that make it worth your cash.

Templates And Formatting Tools

Formatting can make or break a script, and it's a waste of energy to worry about margin spacing when you're trying to churn out Gone With The Wind 2: Annihilation. Final Draft 10 handles the tedious aspects of script writing like pagination, indents, and parentheticals, so you can focus on what matters: planning your Oscar party. (Also your story.) It even allows you to look at templates for different shows, so you can see what an actual Mad Men script looks like without having to break into Matthew Weiner's file cabinets.

Simple Outlining

Very few people can just sit down and bust out an award-winning film or TV show on the first try. They usually need to write out an outline or 500 to map out the story and smooth out any plot inconsistencies. Final Draft 10's outlining function lets you outline acts, scenes, and sequence beat by beat. That way, your script stays organized and your hero doesn't foil the villains plans right before the end of the first act.

Make Your Hollywood Dreams A Reality With Final Draft

Real-Time Collaboration

Final Draft 10 is especially useful if you have a writing partner. It allows you to collaborate with another person simultaneously, meaning your partner can make edits to your masterpiece and you can immediately tell them why they're wrong to question your almighty judgment. Or, if you have a more functional relationship, you can zip through a script in half the time.

The software is available for Mac and Windows, and allows a download on two machines. You can also edit via the companion iOS app if brilliance strikes you on your way to work or in the bathroom of a Wendy's. Just do yourself a favor and grab Final Draft while it's on sale.

You Have Always Been Here, alone in this coffee shop, putting the final touches on your Goonies / Wayne's World mash-up prequel. The aspiring screenwriter truly is God's Lonely Man. But we believe in you. You have what it takes to become a Billionaire Playboy, so show 'em who's boss.

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