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It's always a struggle to try to figure out how to spend your free time. On one hand, there's Overwatch, binging Game Of Thrones, and debating with yourself about whether you should read Avengers: Endgame spoilers. On the other hand, there's learning to code.

Though "Learn to Code" has become something of a loaded term in recent years, it's still pretty good advice, provided you aren't chanting it at people who recently lost their jobs. Sacrificing some of your free time to equip yourself with skills in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world is a pretty good choice. And this Complete Learn to Code Masterclass Bundle is uniquely built to provide you with an arsenal of amazing coding skills for just $29. Best of all, it won't spoil the scene in which Captain America plays "Aqualung" on the Jazz Flute.

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This pack gives you a foundational understanding of the major programming languages you'll need in a coding career. One of the first is The Complete Google Go Programming Course for Beginners, which will help you understand Google's programming language.

Next is the JavaScript Essentials, which will help you learn one of the building blocks of modern web design. Everyone loves consuming Java, and with this course, you can help brew it up for them. (The program, not the coffee. We have no idea how to brew coffee without a Keurig.)

From 0 to 1 Learn Python Programming will help you get a solid grasp of one of the most powerful and useful programming languages in existence. Python eliminates manual work by auto-generating spreadsheets, is instrumental in developing machine learning, and will be invaluable on your coding journey. Basically, it will be your key to staying alive in the robot uprising.

C++ for Beginners will launch your C++ skills, which will be vital whether you're working on finance or in video games. (Or both after you invent Super Mario Accounting.)

Java Programming for Beginners will build off your understanding of Java, one of the most popular languages on the internet. It nicely compliments the skills you learned in JavaScript Essentials.

PHP and MySQL are a bit more advanced, but are the key to any serious web development technique. Your mastery of their nuances will be invaluable to any employer.

Then there's the C# 7 and .Net Core 2.0 Recipes, which will help you understand C# -- a code with a fresh look and amazing features that can be used in everything from Microsoft apps to advanced video games.

Introduction to Rust Programming is one of the shortest courses in this bundle, clocking in at just an hour, but don't let that fool you. Rust is incredibly focused, fast, and straightforward. Being intimately familiar with it will empower you to succeed in some serious coding and not get, um ... rusty.

Git Complete is a step-by-step guide to making you an expert in Git -- which, believe it or not, is more than just part of Larry the Cable Guy's catchphrase. It's a protocol that streamlines programming with batch tracking and file edits, and you'll learn and practice the basic commands of this extremely important language.

Perl Programming for Beginners helps you dip your toes, feet, and even a whole leg into the wild waters of Perl. It's a great language for input work, subroutines, and regular expressions.

Finally, there's The Basics of Ruby, which will hammer your brain with knowledge like Gendry hammering an anvil. But instead of ending up with a wicked medieval helmet, you'll gain the ability to use one of the most powerful web development languages out there. We'd call that an even trade at least.

So don't waste time with fun or distractions or Reddit spoilers anymore. Dive into The Complete Learn to Code Master Class Bundle, available right now in the Cracked Store for just $29.

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