4 Things You Should Know About Katt Williams' Breakdown

Katt Williams might be at 'crying for help' levels here.
4 Things You Should Know About Katt Williams' Breakdown

In 2012, I covered the most amazing celebrity meltdown no one was talking about. Comedian Katt Williams had spent a few months going absolutely bonkers: allegedly punching his female assistant hard enough to send her to the hospital, threatening to sue Seattle for $50 million for hurting his reputation "as a father and a black man," and trying to flee from a Target on a motorized shopping cart after slapping an employee and stealing some french fries. Those are just three on a much longer list of incidents (he was arrested 14 times in 46 months), any one of which would have been enough to label him as someone who genuinely needs some professional help.

4 Things You Should Know About Katt Williams' Breakdown
Page Six

That and the hair.

Well, it's four years later, and like other crazy but apparently necessary quadrennial events like Leap Year and the World Cup, Williams is back to his old ways.

He's Apparently Still Cool With Attacking Women

4 Things You Should Know About Katt Williams' Breakdown
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While everyone is innocent until proven guilty, if you can say one thing about Katt Williams it is that people seem to want to hit him all the time. At least that is his go-to explanation for why he attacks people: It is almost always self-defense. But sometimes it doesn't even take physical action to set him off.

On Feb. 28, five women went to the cops claiming that Williams and 15 members of his entourage attacked them, pulled a gun, and took their cellphones. When the police showed up, he said that he had only brandished the firearm because he heard one of the women say the word "gun." So, in the future, everyone make sure not to say "biological weapon" or "nuclear bomb" around him, because he doesn't seem to understand how weapons work.

But that is nothing compared with the allegations from actress Jamila Majesty, who claims Williams and "four or five scantily clad female companions" held her hostage and beat her for hours (while baking cookies.)

4 Things You Should Know About Katt Williams' Breakdown
Songbird839/iStock/Getty Images

The picture of her battered face is pretty intense, so here's what the cookies probably looked like.

Her crime? Using his bathroom without his permission. And when Katt Williams is the one torturing you, you can be sure it will be next-level crazy. According to an interview Majesty gave to Page Six, Williams burned her with cigarettes, talked about God, smoked weed, and repeatedly screamed, "Are you a Michael Jackson fan?" all while beating her. The women even applied ice to her wounds so they could hit her more after she felt a little better. After a few hours he let her leave, she says, as long as she promised she wouldn't go to the police. Shockingly, she didn't keep that promise.

He Likes Sucker-Punching Kids, Too

4 Things You Should Know About Katt Williams' Breakdown

Just a few days ago Williams was outside Atlanta hanging out with some children, and everything seemed to be going well, if a bit weird. That is when you should be worried, because with this guy it is definitely the calm before the shitstorm.

Williams showed up at a housing project unannounced and started handing out money. If someone is giving you free cash, you are less inclined to ask why, because you want the money, but in general sane people don't tend to do that. Then Williams joined a bunch of preteen kids for a game of pickup soccer. Again, not exactly a normal thing to do for a 41-year-old man, but if it was David Beckham doing it we would think it was adorable. And then Williams sucker-punched a 17-year-old kid in the head.

Of course someone got the whole thing on video, and regardless of the fact that it's blurry and choppy and we live in a post-HD world, within minutes it was racking up hits on YouTube.

This would normally be where I talk about how horrible that was, and I'm not saying it was a great thing, but what makes it crazy rather than terrible is the fact that Williams is 5-foot-5, very slim, and the kid he attacked, Luke Wash, is a former wrestler. So within seconds Wash had him on the ground in a rear naked choke, which could not have been funnier if they actually had been naked. Then Williams tapped out, literally, and the crowd pulled them apart. But despite just having had his ass handed to him by a teenager, Williams continued to taunt Wash, as if the only reason he wasn't kicking his butt was the people holding him back.

4 Things You Should Know About Katt Williams' Breakdown

He Might Have Faked It For Attention


Journalists figured out who the kid was and reached out to him to find out his side of the story. That's when it became clear this might not have been as cut and dried as it seemed.

You see, Wash says that Williams actually pulled him aside during the soccer game and asked him to punch him. In other words, for reasons known only to him, Williams wanted to stage a fight where the kid hit him first. Would Williams have then fought back using some awesome choreographed moves? Backed down gracefully and taught all those watching a lesson about forgiveness and turning the other cheek? We'll never know, because Wash, being the not-crazy teenager he seems to be, refused. That's just good sense. If someone, famous or not, asks you to punch them with witnesses around who will say you hit them first, you say no. Cops are not going to buy your "Seriously, officer, he WANTED me to punch him" excuse.

And if that wasn't enough, Wash's uncle claims that the comedian went on Instagram to demand a rematch.

4 Things You Should Know About Katt Williams' Breakdown

It was a bold new direction for his social media.

So, according to him, Katt Williams tried to fake a fight, got his ass kicked, and still told Wash he wanted to meet him at the same spot so they can fight again. This is a bit disappointing, because at this point I expect every new crazy action of Williams' to be bigger and better than the last. Another man vs. boy fight on a playground isn't going to be impressive enough.

Why would he want to draw attention to himself? Well, he just so happens to be in the middle of a tour, which coincidentally is called "Conspiracy Theory." I'm just saying, what might have started out as a plan to get some good press by handing out money and having a fun game of soccer with some kids, could suddenly have gone terribly wrong.

This Could Be A Cry For Help

4 Things You Should Know About Katt Williams' Breakdown
Vince Bucci/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You think I've come close to covering all the stuff Williams has been up to in the last few months? Nope! I honestly don't know how he fits so much into so little time.

The day after he and his entourage attacked that group of women, Williams was arrested for throwing a pair of swimming goggles at a pool store clerk. He claims he did it because the clerk used the N-word on the last day of Black History Month (would it have been less offensive in other months?), but even if the clerk was a dick, most people manage to go their whole lives without interacting with the cops two days in a row. But Williams is so familiar with the procedure that when they showed up he was already lying on the ground with his hands behind his back, ready to go to jail.

FOX5 5:07 78>

I had more than a dozen mugshots to choose from. Seriously.

Two days after that he was in L.A. and managed to get in a fight while helping the victims of a car accident. He didn't cause the accident. Even when being a Good Samaritan this guy can't get away without throwing a few punches. And when the police were called again he found himself charged with misdemeanor battery on two coasts within three days. Four days later he was performing at a concert, and after doing a manic set of pushups, he ran across the stage and elbowed a random guy in the face (sucker-elbowed?). You have to admit, Williams is committed to being himself.

But the final straw, and there are so many straws at this point that we are being smothered by the haystack, was when one of Williams' bodyguards, Corey Dixon, claimed he was asked to do something illegal (we don't know what, so let your mind wander, because it could be LITERALLY ANYTHING), and when he refused Williams choked him and beat him with a baseball bat. (It's nice to know the many and varied ways this comedian chooses to hurt people. It really shows his creative side.) Police raided Williams' home and found huge amounts of weed as well as plenty of guns. He was booked for crimes ranging from weapons charges to fucking terroristic threats, but released on $60,000 bond because our legal system is so messed up sometimes.

You might not be aware of this if you have stayed on the right side of the law, but one of the things they frown on when you're out on bail, along with drugs, alcohol, and guns, is SUCKER-PUNCHING A KID IN THE HEAD. Within hours of this new crime coming to light, people on Twitter were questioning if Williams even wanted to be out of jail.

And that's a fair question. Whether it is jail or a psychiatric facility, he needs to be somewhere safe so I don't find myself writing another one of these articles in four years.

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