If Time Machines Were Built By Real Men

You can tell a lot about a person by how they use their time machine. Too often we see chrononauts waste their awesome power to perform at a high school dance or looper a looplooper of themselves. Rip Hunter ... Time Master didn't fret around time like an a*****e. All day he was riding giant crabs or jump-kicking aliens, and his three sidekicks didn't give a s**t that none of it had anything to do with time. If Rip Hunter told their time sphere to go back to the era of giant crabs, it only said, "f*****g VROOM."

His adventures were, without exception, an unrelenting assault of fists and nonsense. Rip Hunter handled time travel with all the grace of Bill Cosby repositioning a lover, which is a great joke after you learn he uses a snow shovel. Rip left ray guns with cavemen. He punched out world leaders. He once collected Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, and other historical women just to see who was prettiest and it instantly turned into a catfight. The point is, he's the best and you're in luck, because I've uncovered a classic Rip Hunter ... Time Master adventure never seen before. Man Comics presents:

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