How To Choose YOUR Essential Programming Bundle (For Cheap)

How To Choose YOUR Essential Programming Bundle (For Cheap)

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Life is one big series of choices. Hot dogs or hamburgers? Cake or pie? Pokemon Red or Blue? And now, with a potential career on the line, Python or R?

Python and R are two programming languages that are particularly essential to data analysts (a job that is extremely hot and lucrative right now). In 2017, Python and R were both among the top ten most popular languages in the world. Thankfully, anyone who wants to get into data analysis only really needs to know one or the other. So how do you choose between R and Python (especially if you clicked on this article thinking it was about snakes)? The general rule of thumb is that R is useful for exploring large data sets, while Python is better for manipulating that data, and tends to be easier to learn for people who don't have a lot of experience with programming.

If you're leaning toward Python, consider picking up the Python Programming Bootcamp 2.0 while it's on sale for $39, a massive 96 percent discount off the $1,293 you'd pay anywhere else for these courses. If R is more your style, The Complete Introduction to R Programming Bundle will give you a solid foundation for just $19, which is significantly more affordable than the $606 these courses usually cost.

Still undecided? Here are some of the topics each bundle explores, to give you an idea of what these languages can do.

The Complete Introduction To R Programming Bundle

How To Choose YOUR Essential Programming Bundle (For Cheap)

Introduction To R Programming

As we mentioned earlier, R is so much more than just a go-to answer in Wheel Of Fortune. R is an ideal programming language for solving complex data problems and creating high-level graphics. This course will give you your first taste of R so you can decide if it's something you want to pursue.

Learning R For Data Visualization

One of the edges R has over Python is the ability to create sophisticated data visualizations. That means no more fumbling around in MS Paint to create a lopsided pie chart for that presentation you put off. R can develop histograms, scatterplots, and many other plots by importing data from CSV and Excel tables.

R Graph Essentials

Since R is excellent for managing vast amounts of data, you'll rely on it if you work for a business that handles tons of users or financial details. (Or if you're a pirate. Arrrrhhh ... get it? We're so sorry. For everything.) Luckily, despite how intimidating those data sets can be, R can make extremely sophisticated visualizations in shockingly efficient ways. Once you have a grasp of these essentials, you'll be ready to dive into R.

R: Data Analysis And Visualization Book

This large 1,738-page book is not only a digital paperweight, but will also dive into R's more complex concepts. You'll cover statistical reasoning, graphing, data mining, quantitative finance concepts, and machine learning. That's right, R is the language you should learn if you want to make robots come up with funny names for guinea pigs.

Data Visualization: Representing Information On Modern WebBook

The cool thing about R is that you can use it to visualize data with HTML5, Javascript, and D3. That means that even if your bosses have no idea what those numbers mean, you can still distract them with all the pretty pictures.

Python Programming Bootcamp 2.0

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Fast Track Python For Newbies

Python is a little more of a general-purpose language. If R is a scalpel, then Python is a Swiss Army Knife compatible with Instagram. This crash course will introduce you to the fundamentals and give you a small taste of more advanced topics like functions and classes so you can see how Python works.

Learn Python Image Processing By Making Instagram-Style Filters

Speaking of Instagram, this course will teach you how to use Python to build Instagram-style filters, which you can sell to all of your friends after you retire rich from your career in data science. It's a great introductory dive into Python because it allows you to discuss concepts like matrices, color models, brightness, contrast, and convolution from a mathematical perspective.

Create A Raspberry Pi Smart Security Camera With Python

Python isn't just good for helping you dominate social media, as this course will show you how to use it with a Raspberry Pi device to create a security camera. You'll be able to detect movement in footage, send out emails and SMS alerts, and brag to your friends about living in a high-security lair.

Machine Learning With Python

Oh, you thought R was the only language that can make robots say funny stuff? Well do we have news for you! With Python, you can write machine learning processes from scratch, and this course will help you see how machines process data. (And maybe if you're nice to them now, our future robot overlords will spare you.)

Python For Finance: Investment Fundamentals And Data Analytics

Since Python is particularly useful for analysis and predictive modeling, it's an excellent language to apply to the world of finance. These kinds of practical skills will not only make your resume shine, but can also be applied to your portfolio. You'll learn to build correlations between stocks and estimate the rate of return to minimize risk in your investments. This course is particularly useful if you like arguing with people about Bitcoin.

Again, you can pick up the Python Programming Bootcamp 2.0 while it's on sale for $39, and The Complete Introduction to R Programming Bundle for just $19.

You don't need to be Nikola Tesla to build a rockin' website. Order one of these courses and leave the automated Droids to the birds.

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