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If you want to build yourself a robot butler this holiday season, you're going to need to learn Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Check out these bundles to start leveling up your skill set now, because your slippers aren't going to robo-fetch themselves. Use the code MERRY15 to take an additional 15 percent off.

Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit And Course Bundle


Arduino is an open source electronics platform that excels in both programming and software development. The Arduino Duo Ultimate Starter Kit And Course Bundle will teach you about everything under the hood of Arduino, so that when you've got your idea for the next Uber, you can just get up and make it. The bundle contains an Arduino-compatible Vilros Uno board and four step-by-step workshop courses guiding you through an Arduino project from start to finish with 16 hours of instruction. You'll be creating mechanized monstrosities in no time. Click here right now to take 85 percent off and get the bundle for $51.99, and use the above code to drop the price to just $44.19.

The Complete Raspberry Pi Course Bundle


Learning how to build and code your own automated waitstaff might seem a little daunting. That's where the Complete Raspberry Pi Course Bundle comes in. You'll get three courses and ten hours of instruction, teaching you everything from the absolute basics of Raspberry Pi to advanced programming techniques, including how to use Raspberry Pi with Alexa to voice-control virtually every appliance in your home like a Starfleet officer. You'll also learn how to construct an Amazon Echo clone and build your own retro gaming system, which is honestly all we've ever wanted. Normally the bundle sells for $299.98, but you can click here to take 93 percent off and bring the price down to $19. Enter the above code to get the whole shebang for $16.15.

The Complete Arduino Course Bundle


This Complete Arduino Course Bundle contains 30 hours of instruction designed to turn you into the mad scientist with the unbeatable cyborg army you always knew you'd one day attain. Across six courses, you'll receive step-by-step project-based training to build basic programs, web apps, simple devices like keypads and sensors, and self-piloting wheeled robots. (We may or may not be kidding about that last one.) The bundle normally costs $539.94, but you can click here to take 94 percent off to get it for $39.99. Enter the code MERRY15 to get lifetime access for just $25.49.

Complete Raspberry Pi 3B+ Starter Kit And Course Bundle

Create Your Own Robot Butler With These 5 Deals

If all this talk of building retro gaming systems and robot sidekicks has tickled your fancy, then trebuchet yourself into the pool of computing with the Ultimate Raspberry Pi 3B Starter Kit. It includes a Raspberry Pi 3B board and 37 sensor modules, with detailed instructions on how to construct 35 different products. Plus, you'll get three courses with ten hours of beginner-friendly instruction, so even if you've never heard of Raspberry Pi before today, this bundle will get you up to speed. It normally sells for $448.98, but you can click here to take 68 percent off and get it for $139.99. Use the above code to bring the total down to just $118.99.

Raspberry Pi 3B+ And 37 Sensors Starter Kit

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No matter what sort of contraption you're looking to build with Raspberry Pi, whether it be a motion-activated sensor designed to notify you when intruders approach, or a robot programmed to find love, you're going to need the right tools. And the Raspberry Pi 3B+ And 37 Sensors Starter Kit has what you need. The kit comes with a brand-new Raspberry Pi 3B+, plus 37 sensor modules and detailed instructions on how to construct 35 different products regardless of your skill level. Plus, it uses a visual programming language to make things faster and easier while you learn how to code. Huzzah! Normally it sells for $149.99, but you can click here to get it at 13 percent off for $129.99. Enter the above coupon code to drop the total down to just $110.49.

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