CNN Thinks Gift Cards Are Complicated (or Contest Winners, Rankings and preparing for the end)

CNN Thinks Gift Cards Are Complicated (or Contest Winners, Rankings and preparing for the end)
Well, six people won the HBN Contest, and they each get a scanned version of a Patrick Semple original drawing of me. The answer? Here are the six songs that I've used in the ending credits of Hate By Numbers: Morphine - The Night Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London (Episode 4: Kid Rock Edition) Radiohead - Stop Whispering (Episode 15: Better Than a Baby Murderer) The Wonder Stuff - Bile Chant (Episode 18: Chuck Norris Edition) 5th Dimension - Age of Aquarius (Episode 19: CNN Finds Another Excuse To Report On Boobs) Abba - Super Trouper (Episode 24: Japan Fights Economic Crisis with Real-Life LOLcat) And the winners are: Blame My People Grandpapaw Meg W. Shana F. Zack Zarzycki Megan R. (MJ 89) Congratulations to you winners. If you still want a signed copy of this pic above, just write me with the email address to send it to. Moving on. So this is the penultimate episode. (That means second to last -- not "super awesome").  And with the end so near I've been doing some thinking. One thought is about how so many people have commented that Kid Rock (episode 4) is their favorite HBN.  Yet, at the same time, so many people have also said that the show wasn't any good until recently. See, that makes no sense. That is why most bloggers just don't read comments. They're not helpful. If you're interested, here's a list of my top 5 Favorite HBNs and Top 5 Least Favorite HBNs.  Feel free to leave your favs and least favs in the comments. 
All the HBNs are listed here. (Except iPhone for some reason. Probably the same reason Kid Rock is listed twice) Gladstone's Top 5 Favorite HBNS 1. Psychic Kids It's the longest one but doesn't feel long. I think the beeps and skit both work equally well.  It was my most ambitious episode. 2. Kid Rock It's rare that you get fodder this good and I tried to hit it for all it was worth.  The video is very lofi, but this ranks high as the angriest HBN ever and the most deserving of that anger. 3. Twilight This is probably the best paced episode of HBN. I don't like rant humor because it's usually too easy but I felt good about this one. 4. Most Dangerous Science Experiment Very similar to Psychic Kids, but this ranks lower because I don't think the beeps are as funny.
5. Jesus Cat Ian Cooper's amazing photoshop, CNN and Fox in one episode. And my wife nailing her part as CNN voiceover reporter. Gladstone 5 Worst HBNs (worst to least worst) 1. Cookie Diet Not that deserving a topic. I look like hell.  The editing is a little rough. All jokes fine, but no killers. Forced photoshop. 2. iPhone Experimenting with a different energy. Didn't like it.  Should have cut two jokes. Bad pacing. 3. Hancock Botched the superman joke. Most of the gags too easy. However, for one of my least favorite episodes, it does have one of my favorite jokes ever -- the one about buying heroin from a child prostitute 4. Nancy Grace It's very hard to make a funny joke about Nancy Grace because all I want to do is scream "I HATE YOU!" at the screen.
5. Chuck Norris HBN is fairly apolitical. This was a deserving entry. Unfortunately, the way the clip panned out it was very hard to edit successfully. Well that's it. Tune in next week for the last one. And don't forget to visit my website and become my Facebook friend so I can share my new adventures (if i have any adventures to share).
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