Dancing With The Children of Men!

I'm not going to lie to you. I had no idea what to blog about today. I hit all my usual sources and nothing. I was about to call my editor, Jack O'Brien, and tell him not to send the package of crystal meth he rewards me with every Monday and Wednesday (he calls it "blogging candy) when suddenly I got an idea. Well, more specifically, my old crime-fighting buddy got an idea, but it was a good one: see what's cooking on Digg! And I did just that. Did you know that Digg really seems to like articles in list form? I had no idea. Anyway, high up on Digg's list of TV stories was a piece on
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Children of Men. Apparently, a T.V. series is in the works. This news hit me somewhat strangely. It was sort of like finding out the best steak I've ever tasted is now available as a low calorie soft drink. It was kind of like hearing the hottest chick I'd ever seen was now accredited to do my taxes. And it was exactly like hearing a great movie that should never be made into a series was being made into a series. For those of you in the dark, Children of Men was a phenomenal science fiction picture set in the not too distant future. Infertility has torn through the world and, with no forthcoming generation to inherit the earth, the place has kind of gone to hell. Y'know, like the way you acted towards your high school teachers after you were accepted to college. (Or the way Dan O'Brien is acting towards his college professors right now since he sold the rights to his new book,
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Benjamin Franklin Used To Fart A Lot And Other Jokes I Learned From Howard Zinn). I mean, maybe a series will work, but I don't want to chance it. Children of Men is one of my all time favorite movies. Michael Caine's performance made me cry. (Shut up! I was so distracted by his quality acting that I stepped in a bear trap.) Julianne Moore was great. And Clive Owen was so damn good and appealing that I'm pretty sure I lost my grasp on heterosexuality halfway through the flick. But I just don't see any of that happening with a TV show. For one, Michael Caine's character is dead. Also, Juliane Moore's character is dead. And lastly, and this may be a minor point, I'm pretty sure Clive Owen's character is dead too. Another reason it won't work? The curse of
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Logan's Run. Is there such a curse? Of course, there is, I just wrote it down and you read it, didn't you? Logan's Run was a fairly successful Sci Fi movie from the 70's starring Michael York. But I think the spin off series only ran 3 episodes. The shows share some common ground: Logan's Run was set in an apocalyptic future where there were no old people. Children of Men? Just the opposite. No young people. Does that mean that Children of Men will have the opposite luck when it comes to how long the series runs? Of course, not. That's stupid. Besides, there's that curse. Weren't you listening? Anyway, maybe I'm wrong. Anyone more optimistic about this show?
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