Become A Mini Tony Stark With This Coding Bootcamp Bundle

Learn to program in C# faster than you can say
Become A Mini Tony Stark With This Coding Bootcamp Bundle

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Whatever you want to program -- be it video games, business apps, or AI for a talking robot butler dog -- C# is probably the language for you. Developed by Microsoft in 2000, C# rose through the ranks to become one of the most popular programming languages in the world. And it got there because it's robust, simple, and more internally logical than most other languages. It won't leave you in a screaming heap under your desk.

But where to start? The Cracked Store can offer you a great deal on The Complete C# Coding Bootcamp. It's an 11-course training program that will have you programming in C# faster than you can say "beep-boop." So if you want to be a professional programmer, here's what you'll need to learn:


C# Programming From Zero To Hero: The Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to the basics of C# and explain in detail why it's become so popular. Consider it the rocket-powered skateboard that will kick-flip you into the world of C#.

A 16-Hour C# Course With Microsoft Visual Studios

The second course dives deeper into the C# basics, while also helping you apply them to the Microsoft Visual Studio programming environment. By the end of this course, you'll know how to operate control structures, master the principles of object-oriented programming, and design your own beautiful Microsoft apps (which are a lot like apps from Apple, but aren't haunted by Steve Jobs' vengeful ghost).

C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces, And OOP

This is the course in which theory and practice collide, as you dive into a series of exercises that'll help you master and hone your skills. You'll learn why composition is better than inheritance, how to reuse code, and how to make your code grow up to be big and strong.

C# Performance Tricks: How To Radically Speed Up Your Code

Once you've got all the basics, this class helps you turn it up a notch and make your code truly worth a hire, both with its speed and beautiful simplicity. The 37 lectures will help you identify the common C# problems that are standing between you and the RoBarkley 3000 serving you biscuits on a platter. Or, ya know, a legitimate business enterprise.

Not to say that robot butler dogs won't one day be a legitimate business. It's just that the world still has to catch up with your ingenuity.

That's just four of the 11 courses in the Complete C# Coding Bootcamp, which all together add up to a $765 value. The Cracked Store can offer you all of them for just $41, or 94 percent off. If you've been waiting to start your C# career, you're not going to get a better chance than this. Save an additional 10 percent off when using code MADMARCH10 at checkout.

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