Am I The Only Person On The Internet Who Thought AMC's The Prisoner Was Amazing?


I'm a guy who thinks 99.9% of television is shit, but HOLY SHIT THE PRISONER WAS AMAZING.  I've read a countable number of reviews for AMC's remake of cult-hit The Prisoner, and no one seems to think it was absolutely amazing for some reason.  I thought it was pretty absolutely amazing.  Maybe it helps that I've never watched much of the original and the few references I did get were actually just things I remember from The Prisoner episode of The Simpsons.  You may or may not remember it, because it was during that weird transition between brilliant Simpsons and horrible Simpsons, but ANYWAY, I feel like that let me just watch the remake instead of watching it and constantly comparing it to the original.  I've finished all six-ish hours of it now and I can say that, if you haven't watched it yet, you should stop reading this and go watch it now.  Also if you're bored.  Stop reading this if you're bored. Coming Up In This Blog Post:  "He's doing it wrong." If you stuck around, The Prisoner on AMC is amazing.  Not only is it a perfectly acceptable mindfuck to watch while LOST is on hiatus, but it is 99% beautifully done.  The missing 1% is the fact that Jesus Caveziel's performance makes him look like he's acting and if an actor looks like he's acting, then he's doing it wrong.  But, you know... he does okay. Coming Up In This Blog Post:  "Also, whoever edited this is a genius." Everything else?  Amazing.  It's creepy, it's intriguing, it's confusing, it looks beautiful, all of the other performances are great (Ian McKellan is as good as you think, only better), and the dialogue and art direction hit on themes and symbols and tones and ideas that actually mean 9 different things at once.  It's all very good, and I'm being specifically vague with all this because you should just go watch it.  I don't want to ruin anything for you because the ending is satisfying and really cool, and you should just enjoy it.  They do kind of hit you over the head with it in an "All the people who need this level of explanation stopped watching the show five hours ago" sort of way, but it's just the last few seconds and it's probably not as bad as I think it is. Coming Up In This Blog Post: "... and this is to justify the third Coming Up In This Blog Post." Watch AMC's The Prisoner because it's amazing, and be glad you didn't watch it when it originally aired earlier this week on AMC.  Every single time it went to commercial, there would be 2-10 seconds of "Coming Up On The Prisoner," and they would show clips from scenes of the show I was in the middle of watching, only they were scenes from, like, ten minutes later.  Seriously, I wanted to see those scenes, only I wanted to see them when they actually happened.  Get your act together, AMC, and this is to justify the third Coming Up In This Blog Post. Coming Up In This Blog Post:  "The Prisoner gets an A." The Prisoner gets an A.  AMC gets an A-.

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