Become An Entrepreneur With These 10 Products

Become An Entrepreneur With These 10 Products

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If starting a business were easy, then everyone's weird uncle would own an award-winning brewery instead of just showing up to the Christmas party bragging about the secret ingredient being chocolate sauce. But despite the inherent difficulty in creating something from scratch, there are some reasonably established paths to success. Anyone who is serious about quitting their day job should take a look at the following entrepreneurial resources, whether they plan to build an evil business empire or the normal kind that gives out fun pens.

One-Day MVP 2.0 -- Go From Idea To MVP

Become An Entrepreneur With These 10 Products

Whether it's a rom-com spec script or a business MVP (minimum viable product) pitch, the first draft of anything is almost always guaranteed to be a bit sloppy and include one too many internal monologues. But while we can't assist you too much with that spec script (it was all a dream -- people love that), we can absolutely help you in the boardroom. The first rule is to never stress over little details until someone is willing to give you money for big ideas. For guidance in whittling your genius plans down to meeting-friendly sizes, and help in keeping all of your business ducks in a row, take a look at this course, available in our store for $15.

Product Management: Product Market Strategy

Become An Entrepreneur With These 10 Products

Under 60 percent of products find success in the market. It's harsh, but that's just the sad reality of this fun little game we call capitalism. So even if your company's widgets are machined with absolute precision, no one will know or care about your nebulous enterprise unless you figure out how to give your goods that irresistible great product smell. In this Product Market Strategy course, you'll learn how to find your market and manage product life cycles from a former Apple product manager. Get it here for 59 percent off, just $39.

Idea Validation

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Ask any random Joe at the bar if they have a brilliant idea for a business, and you're sure to get a half-slurred pitch for a consumer solution to their weirdly specific problem, or a stubborn refusal to share even basic details about their supposedly groundbreaking product. Basically, ideas are plentiful and often bad, but sometimes those ideas are dumb enough to work. To develop the keen eye to separate the Ubers from the bloopers, take this crash-course in Idea Validation that is just $30 in our store.

e-Commerce Master Class


Making things available for sale online is pretty easy, but isn't the same as actually selling things. If you want someone's kooky aunt to pull the trigger on your Harrison Ford needlepoints, you're going to need a web store with a savvy purchasing experience. This e-Commerce Master Class will teach you everything you need to know to mold your website into a professional online store front and convert those online window shoppers into repeat customers. You can pick it up here for $19.

Alibaba Import Business Blueprint: Build Your Import Empire


Not many know about the importing business beyond what they've seen on television. But while it might seem that importing is all cargo ships and handshake deals with crooked dockworkers, the actual art to importing is mastering online logistics. Alibaba and Amazon have already mastered the art of order fulfillment, and you'd be wise to ride their coattails. With the Alibaba Import Business Blueprint, you'll discover how to communicate with suppliers, brand your stuff, and stand out in the crowded landscape of product resale. This condensed course is only $18, 64 percent off the usual price.

The Professional Guide To Importing From China

Become An Entrepreneur With These 10 Products

Instead of slaving away over a hot soldering iron, you could be taking advantage of the world's most frighteningly capable manufacturing apparatus: China. Since doing business in the PRC can be more than a bit intimidating, newcomers should check out the Professional Guide to Importing from China to learn how to handle everything from shipping logistics to booking international travel. Grab this course from our store for just $49, and you won't even have to learn Mandarin.

Ten-Step Startup: The Complete Entrepreneurship Course


Building a $10k per month passive income isn't as simple as listing "CEO at Entrepreneur" on all of your social media channels. You either need to figure out something to sell to people or aggressively monetize your brand. For a little help in doing both, this guide is filled with sound advice and essential resources. You'll learn how to find your niche, build valuable relationships, and promote yourself online in a not-gross way. Get it here for $19.

The Complete SEO Course -- Rank Your Website In Google Easily

Become An Entrepreneur With These 10 Products

Type the word "Apple" into any search engine, and you get back billions of results. But have you ever wondered why those billions of results are all the links to Apple the computer company, and not to, say, Gina's Wholesale Apple Stand? It's because of SEO (search engine optimization), and understanding it will get your content higher page rankings and ensure that people will see it. The Complete SEO Course will teach you how to use effective keywords, create backlinks, and understand Google's search algorithm, all for just $19.

Facebook Advertising For Beginners

Become An Entrepreneur With These 10 Products

Because Facebook already knows everything about everyone and everyone uses it like it's a respirator, you would think that advertising on the site would be a breeze, right? Sadly, their omniscience doesn't automatically equate to mass appeal, and you still have to learn to navigate the stormy waters of that sea of user data. Get help finding and targeting demographics with Facebook Advertising for Beginners, offered here for $15.

Email Marketing -- Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers

Become An Entrepreneur With These 10 Products

Whether you use the internet for good, evil, or sharing photos of your lunch, you can't deny its ability to reach millions (or billions). To capture your rightful share of eyeballs, take a look at this course in email marketing. You'll learn how to hook with tantalizing leads, craft beautiful signup forms, and drive traffic to your site for just $18, 90 percent off the usual price.

Enjoy (Division) Going Solo as your own Fettator -- er, boss. You earned it.

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